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American Sniper: Review with Conspiracy Twist

Clint Eastwood's new flick, American Sniper, has the country buzzing with mass controversy.  The movie is based off of the book by Chris Kyle, the U.S.'s most decorated sniper.  He wrote a book about his life as the deadliest sniper with 160 kills over the course of 4 tours. Tragically,  Chris Kyle died by the gun shot of one of his own.  Once finished sniping, Kyle used his celebrity status within the military and visited veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

The story is not pro-Iraq war or demeaning to liberal views.  I'm not sure why there is any controversy.  Just a story about an American hero who had ideals only found in novels.  Chris Kyle was the kind of American that we all should aspire to be.  It's because of men and women like him that enable me and every American to have an opinion (which is more than our Western counterparts like England, France, and Germany have).  Chris was a Christian, helping others up until the day he was murdered.

My Review: As far as I'm concerned, Clint Eastwood can talk to chairs all day.  He possesses a subtle genius in movie-making that no one can touch.  This movie was a simple story about a great man's short life-nothing more and nothing less.  At times, Eastwood quietly brings up legitimate questions of the Iraq War.  One scene that took place at a funeral had the mother of the deceased read a letter questioning the point of war.  In another scene, an Iraq battle during Chris's last tour, presented the frustration of the soldiers who were assigned to protect civil engineers while building or rebuilding something for the "new" Iraqi government.  This was also the moment in the movie when Chris decided to call it quits.

Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller looked like the real Chris and Taya Kyle.  They were believable as a military couple.  Cooper was especially brilliant in the scenes with no dialogue.  His facial expressions were flawless.  Miller portrayed his wife as a likable and understanding spouse who stood by her man through it all.  Hope this movie wins all of its nominations.  Clint Eastwood should have gotten an Oscar nod for director.

Chris Kyle's killer, Eddie Routh, killed Kyle and Kyle's friend, Chad Littlefield, when taken to a gun range near Chaulk Mountain, Texas.  Reportedly, Routh had a history of mental illness with 911 calls from relatives who worried about him killing others and/or himself.  
Routh's mother approached Kyle and asked for his help regarding her son.  Routh's so-called PTSD is unclear.  Routh's trial is coming up this February. 
Maybe Kyle died in the way the mainstream media reports or maybe this was a little too nice and neat.  Other Navy Seals have also been mysteriously murdered after their military service was up. LEAVE A COMMENT!  
Some conspiracy theories are as follows: 1) Jesse Ventura had a lawsuit against Kyle-(hit on him because of lawsuit-doubtful, but one of the more popular theories). 2) Chris Kyle stepped over the line in military secrets and was getting too famous-(government hit).  3) Kyle was a huge 2nd Amendment advocate and very respectable.  He was very vocal about his pro-gun stance (an anti-gun group hit).
Eddie Routh

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