Revenge, Lust and Voodoo

     Lucien Nazaire is an old Haitian priest with a checkered past.  He longs to find the perfect apprentice to carry on his life's work of black magick.  He hires Jake, a neighbor boy, to help him with odd household jobs and then takes him under his wing.  
     Sixteen year old Jake LaRue lives with his abusive uncle. Voodoo becomes the perfect solution to get him out of a helpless situation.     
     Henry Novak, an autistic teen and Jake’s only friend from school, becomes obsessed with Haiti and the dark arts.  He wants to be included in Jake's Voodoo lessons.  
   The newly learned magick gives both boys the power to manipulate those they hate and lust.  But their dreams soon unravel once the Voodoo spells wear off.  

October of 2016

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