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Movie Review: Ocean's 8

Ocean's 8 is the girly version of Ocean's 7, 11, 12, 13 and who knows what else.  Instead of a pack of guys ripping something off, we got a pack of girls ripping off jewelry from the Met during a fashion dinner.  Sandra Bullock takes the main role as Danny Ocean's (George Clooney) sister.  Her sidekick is Cate Blanchett, and they assemble a team of Rhianna, Helen Bonham-Carter, Anne Hathaway, and other familiar faces.  The plan begins with Sandra Bullock who dreams of the heist throughout her five years in prison.  It's meticulously planned out and (what a surprise) successfully executed.

My Review:  Love it!  Great fun!  I think most of us dream of robbing a bank, or even better, a bunch of priceless jewels!  The women were terrific.  My only criticism is some of the predictability as well as an editing error (she was in prison for 5 years but then she flashes back to the day of her arrest and the flashback was 10 years).  I know-I might be too picky!  Overall, I highly suggest this flick for Ocean fans as well as chick-flick fans.  4/5 Stars

Monday, June 18, 2018

RABT Tours Presents: Red Rider by Gerrit Steenhagen

Date Published: April 1 2018

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A grieving father – known to the reader only as Teacher – takes on a new identity after the brutal murder of his teenaged son. Masquerading as a substitute teacher, he tracks down the killer – a high school senior – and methodically builds a web to entrap him. Teacher does not desire simple justice or death for the killer; he wants the killer to endure what his son endured. But Teacher’s plan takes a life-shattering turn when he must save his son’s former girlfriend from the clutches of the brutal MS-13 gang.

A taut, suspenseful thriller, Red Rider explores the depths of revenge and the strength of human bonds.

About the Author

Gerrit Steenhagen grew up in San Diego, California. He wrote, produced, and directed the indie drama If Tomorrow Comes. He currently resides in Los Angeles.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Book Review: Man of Legends by Kenneth Johnson

Man of Legends is about an immortal man, Will, who wanders the earth for twenty centuries, waiting for redemption.  Will never ages as he walks through history.  He keeps his distance with other human beings in fear of being discovered.  
As the story progresses, Will opens up to others little by little.  First, he confirms Mary Shelley's (author of Frankenstein) suspicions of his situation.  He then has a wild love affair with Hannah Claire after saving her from suicide.  The setting spans throughout the decades, but lingers mainly within the year 2000.  Will believes or hopes that something big will happen, maybe even the return of Christ.  He believes it was Jesus who cursed him in retaliation for Will pushing him while He carried the cross to Golgotha.  Will deeply regrets his actions and spends the rest of his never-ending life trying to help others.  As Will lives throughout the ages, he learns that the devil as well as the Vatican are aware of his immortality.  They follow him for selfish reasons.  Soon others figure Will out as well.  A nosy reporter, a wanna-be artist, an old flame, as well as others whose lives he had touched are on to his power.    
My Review:
This was an amazing ride through history.  I loved the characters, the research, and the religious link to God.  The author did a spectacular job telling the story by constantly switching perspectives of the plot through the eyes of dozens of characters.  Will begins to accept his curse, and even believes that Jesus somehow passed him a metaphorical torch to continue his good deeds.  I enjoyed the story immensely.  5/5 Stars.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

RABT Presents: Trazer: Kids of Stolen Tomorrow by Joseph Adegboyega

Young Adult Sci-fi
Date Published: 10/18/17
Publisher: YorubaBoy Books

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It's the year 93 O.O., and Dara Adeleye is a student with a bright future and her life figured out. That is, until a chance encounter with a mysterious child changes everything.

Dara lives in a world shaped by the Miracle of Elegua, an intervention by the gods in the fate of an Earth on the brink of collapse decades before she was born. Exceptionally gifted as an artist, her day-to-day attentions are on excelling in school in order to rise above her lower-class upbringing and raise her friends and family out of the dreaded red vanes. But Earth is headed towards the brink again and it may just be the gift she doesn't know she has that can save it . . .

Kristano Arvelo is a trazer--the term used for the graffiti writers of Dara's time, a once-slang that originated in her home town of Todirb Wall. The aimless leader of a local group of trazers, he may hold a key to unlocking Dara's hidden gifts. But it will come at the cost of the destiny she believed was hers.

About the Author

JOSEPH OLUMIDE ADEGBOYEGA-EDUN was born in Lagos, the then-capital city of Nigeria.  A great-grandson of  the First-Secretary of the Egba United Government, he was brought to the United States at age two when his parents came to study. Increasing corruption in the Nigerian government followed by the return of military rule thwarted their plans to move back and America became home. They set roots in Brooklyn, New York, a vibrant environment colored with graffiti and steeped in elements of hip-hop that left an indelible mark on the future author's consciousness. 

The cultural influences and experiences of his homeland and the city of his early youth have been a strong source of creative inspiration for the author. Trazer: Kids of Stolen Tomorrow is his debut novel, and the first entry in the Trazer Series. When not writing, Joe enjoys working on other projects with his creative partners  LenStorm, 7Woundz and Soundz, and exploring the breathtaking wilderness of the Chesapeake.

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Sunday, June 10, 2018

VBT Presents: Boy in the Mirror by Robert Duperre

Young Adult Urban Fantasy/Horror
Date Published: December 31, 2016
Publisher: TRO Publishing

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Fifteen-year-old Jacqueline Talbot’s boyfriend Mal lives in the mirror of her makeup case. There’s never been anything normal about Jacqueline; not during her time in foster care, and certainly not in her new hometown of Mercy Hills.

With rumors of actual monsters in the woods, the popular kids taking an unhealthy interest in her, and the revealing of her own dark past, all Jacqueline wants to do is run away forever with Mal. Too bad he’s trapped in the mirror.

But when she learns the ancient forces of the town want to destroy everything she loves, the race is on to free the boy in the mirror, because he just might be the only one who knows how to stop them.

Boy in the Mirror Excerpt 

Jacqueline’s bedroom was a barren place consisting of a bed and dresser and nothing else. The walls were adorned with framed scripture verses and a pair of paintings, both of Christ. When she’d first arrived, Jacqueline had asked Papa Gelick if she could hang up the only two pictures of her parents that she had, but she’d been shot down.
It was in this room that Jacqueline had spent most of the three months she’d lived with the Gelicks. And while she did indeed sleep and pray as ordered, she also plotted her eventual escape from this cruel place.
Cruel place.
Jacqueline’s guilt reared its ugly head. She was being judgmental and mean, and she knew it. The Gelicks might’ve been rigid and a bit odd, but neither the pastor nor his wife had ever done anything outwardly cruel. Even when she was paraded in front of Papa Gelick’s congregation every Sunday and made a spectacle of, the pastor had assured her it was to show the good God-fearing folks of Colebrook that even sinners could change if they accepted the grace of God. Even if he and his congregation were way more fundamentalist than any other Protestant churches she’d been to, it was really just an annoyance.
They’re trying to help you, her conscience scolded.
“I know,” she whispered.
The tears came hard and fast, and she curled up in a ball on her bed. Her mind was a jumble of contradictions. She’d been a girl without a family for so long that she’d started to identify as such. Just the possibility that it might not be true was enough to make her feel hope for the first time in a long while, which in turn made her unravel.
“Please don’t cry,” said a voice in the room. “I don’t like it when you cry.”
Jacqueline lifted her head, wiped the tears from her cheeks. She sucked in the last of her sniffles and slid off the bed, making her way across the bedroom.
Her compact was on the dresser, an old thing with rusted hinges. The blush inside had long been used up, but it was her most prized possession, a relic left behind by a mother she never knew.
Jacqueline pried open the case and stared at her reflection in the mirror. Once again she marveled at how alike she and “Aunt Mitzy” looked. The resemblance was so uncanny that she could have been the woman’s daughter.
Downstairs, the Gelicks bid good day to Aunt Mitzy, and Jacqueline faintly heard the woman say she’d be back in a week so they could “clear up any confusion.” The front door then closed, followed by the crunch of tires rolling down the driveway. The tingling in Jacqueline’s stomach disappeared. She glanced back at the mirror.
He was there.
His eyes, gun-metal gray, gazed up at her from behind his reflective prison. His white, slightly tousled hair flopped over one side of his face. He smiled his perfect smile. “Hey there, Jackie,” the boy in the mirror said.
“Hi, Mal.”
Jacqueline had first discovered the boy who lived in the compact a week after her father’s arrest. Child Services had escorted her home to collect her valuables before she was sent to a group shelter in Newport, Vermont. She’d been in a daze, tossing random odds and ends into her travel bag, when she heard someone call out her name. She’d followed the voice to her father’s bedroom, but saw nothing but an unmade bed and laundry scattered everywhere. She was only ten at the time, but she knew enough to understand that her daddy wouldn’t be sleeping in that bed any more, that those clothes would never again hang off his slender frame. Not after what he’d done.
Jacqueline had started crying again—there had been so much crying in those days after the incident—when the voice called out again. “Please don’t cry.” She followed the sound of humming to the drawer in her father’s dresser where he stored Jacqueline’s mother’s old keepsakes. She rummaged through knickknacks and costume jewelry until her hand touched a metal disk. The brass surface of the thing was warm. When she’d opened it, he’d appeared, white hair, gray eyes, and all. He’d introduced himself as Mal, her guardian angel. Jacqueline had been young enough at the time to believe him without question. She’d been na├»ve enough to have faith in things like hope and miracles.
Five years changed so much.
With each subsequent move to a different foster home, she’d retreat further into her relationship with the mysterious boy in the mirror. It was in moments like this, when the last of her optimism seemed ready to crumble away completely and leave a dead husk in its wake, that her simple, childlike belief that the unreal boy actually existed made her sane.
She went back to the bed and sat down, placing the open compact in her lap. She grabbed her brush and ran it through her long, black hair, tugging at the roots, letting the pain come. Doing so let her remember that she was still capable of feeling something. In the mirror, Mal watched her, his ever-present smile faltering.
“What’s the matter?” he asked, lips twisting into a thin white line.
Jacqueline sucked snot into her nose. “I’m just sad.”
“Is it him? The pastor?”
“No. Not really.”
“Then what?”
She sighed. “A woman came. She said her name’s Mitzy Sarin. You know her?”
“Nope. Never heard of her. Related to your mom?”
“Yeah. Says she’s her sister. I didn’t know I had any family left. But we look alike. A lot alike, so it’s gotta be true.”
“Gotta be, or you hope it is?”
Jacqueline shrugged. She had no answer for that.
“What does she want?” asked Mal.
“To take me away from here.”
Tears again rolled down Jacqueline’s cheeks. One fell from her chin and landed on the mirror. The bead of salty fluid immediately vanished.
“I don’t like it when you cry,” Mal said. “This is a good thing, isn’t it?”
“Maybe,” Jacqueline sniffled.
“Well, where does she want to take you?”
Connecticut, I think.”
Mal’s smile widened. “That’s good. That’s very good.”
“Is it?”
“Yup. Have faith, Jackie. These things always work themselves out in the end.”
She sat there in silence for a while, the beautiful boy in the mirror gazing up at her. She wanted to believe him, but her life had been one catastrophe piled on top of another, from her mother’s death when she was three to her father’s horrible acts to the countless love-deprived homes she’d found herself in afterward. It was dangerous to think anything would change. She just couldn’t set herself up for disappointment again, no matter what Mal told her.
“You’re right,” she finally said, placating him. “Just think positive thoughts.” A sad smile crossed her lips. “At least I have you.”
“That you do,” Mal said with a wink.
“Thank you.”
“Of course. You’re the most beautiful girl in the world, Jackie. I love you.”
“I love you too, Mal.”
Jacqueline peered out the window. The sun was setting, and she suddenly felt dead tired. She closed the compact, placed it beneath her pillow, then took off her clothes, slipped on her nightgown, and climbed beneath the covers. The residue of Aunt Mitzy’s cookies still lingered in her mouth, and when she licked the back of her teeth, she felt a strange, calming sensation come over her. Jacqueline succumbed to the feeling, closing her eyes, wondering about Mal. Was he floating through space, drawn back through the fabric of existence whenever she opened the mirror? Or did he exist purely within the confines of the compact, his soul trapped for eternity like a genie, waiting for her to rub the mirror in the right way to release him?
Or maybe he wasn’t there at all.
While she pondered this, Mal’s sweet voice, muffled by her pillow, sang her to sleep.

“Pretty little lady with a heart of gold. Poor pretty lady, without a dream, without a home.”
About the Author

Robert J. Duperre is an author from Connecticut, the land of insurance, tobacco, and unfulfilled dreams. Over his mildly interesting life, Robert has released seven novels that skirt the line between horror, science fiction, and fantasy, as well as edited and contributed to a pair of short story collections. His novel “Soultaker” was released in 2017 by Ragnarok Publications. He also co-wrote "The Breaking World" series with David Dalglish, which was picked up and published by 47North, a subsidiary of Amazon Publishing. And all this was accomplished while living happily ever after with his wife, the artist Jessica Torrant.

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RABT Presents: The Flames of Florence by Donna Russo Morin

Historical Thriller
Date Published: May 8, 2018
Publisher: Diversion Books

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"A glittering Renaissance gem of a novel. Donna Russo Morin, a master of her craft, has penned an intricate story full of lush historical detail with a plot that will leave you breathless." —Tasha Alexander, New York Times bestselling author of Death in St. Petersburg

In her final standalone novel featuring Da Vinci's Disciples, Donna Russo Morin delivers a thrilling story of the secret female artists of Florence, under the tutelage of Leonardo Da Vinci, and their heroic, potentially deadly efforts to save great works of art from the infamous Bonfire of the Vanities.

"Illicit plots, mysterious paintings, and Leonardo da Vinci all have their part to play in this delicious, heart-pounding work." —Kate Quinn, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of The Alice Network

Lorenzo de Medici is dead, and his son Piero has brought war and famine upon the city of Florence. Yet, the glory that is Renaissance artistry grows more magnificent, as does the work of the women known as Da Vinci's Disciples. Now they face their most dangerous challenge, one shrouded in the cloak of a monk.

From the ashes of war, Friar Girolamo Savonarola rises. Some call him a savior and a prophet, a man willing to overthrow tyrannical rulers and corrupt clergy, the Borgia Pope among them. Fra Girolamo is determined to remold Florence from an avaricious, secular culture to a paragon of Christian virtues.

Many call Savonarola a delusional heretic, incapable of anything but self-serving fanaticism. When he sets out to destroy all secular art forms, Da Vinci's Disciples call him an enemy … but not all of them.

"Like a glorious Italian fresco-richly textured and vividly portrayed … Highly recommended for lovers of history, art, and courageous women." —Anna Lee Huber, bestselling author of the Lady Darby Mysteries

"Donna Russo Morin renders one of the most tumultuous periods in Florence's history in bright colors and with vivid descriptions. This tale of a group of determined women standing up for what they believe in … will absolutely resonate with modern readers." —Alyssa Palombo, author of The Most Beautiful Woman in Florence

About the Author

Donna Russo Morin’s passion for the written word began when she was a child, took on a feminist edge as she grew through the sixties, and blossomed into a distinctive style of action-filled historical fiction at a defining moment in her life. As a second-generation American of full Italian descent, Donna combined her historical research with her genealogical studies, finding that her birth name (Russo) and her family roots are traceable to ninth century Florence…the very city in which the Da Vinci’s Disciples trilogy is set.

Donna Russo (Morin) is the internationally published author of six multi-award-winning historical novels including PORTRAIT OF A CONSPIRACY: Da Vinci’s Disciples Book One (a finalist in Foreword Reviews BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR), and THE COMPETITION: Da Vinci’s Disciples Book Two (EDITOR’S CHOICE, Historical Novel Society Review). The final book in her Da Vinci’s Disciples trilogy, THE FLAMES OF FLORENCE, releases May 8, 2018. Also this summer, my novel, inspired by our own home state, GILDED SUMMERS: A Novel of Newport’s Gilded Age will also release this summer. Her other titles include The King’s Agent, recipient of a starred review in Publishers Weekly, The Courtier’s Secret, The Secret of the Glass, and To Serve a King.

A 25-year professional editor/story consultant, her work spans more than 40 manuscripts.  She holds a BA in Communications and an A.A. in English Literature.  Donna teaches writing courses at her state’s most prestigious adult learning center, online for Writer’s Digest University, and has presented at national and academic conferences for over ten years.  In addition to her writing, Donna has worked as a model and an actor with appearances in Showtime’s Brotherhood and Martin Scorsese’s The Departed. Currently under contract to a consortium of international producers, Donna has added screenwriting to her professional acumen.

Her sons—Devon, an opera singer; and Dylan, a chef—are still, and always will be, her greatest works.

Contact Links

Twitter: @DonnaRussoMorin
Instagram @donnarm.telleroftales

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Hitler and the Vril Society

The Vril Society, a secret society in which Hitler and his top officials believed in, was made famous by an old book, The Coming Race (1871) by Edward Bulwar Lord Lytton.  The book is about an underground world of aliens that use a power source called Vril.  The aliens call themselves the Vril-yas and have special powers of healing and telepathy.  The Vril-ya were also descendants of Atlanteans.  Hitler linked his Aryan ideology around this race of aliens.  The Coming Race was considered a 'cult-classic' among occult elite circles of Europe.  
Still today, there is little evidence about the Vril Society that Hitler made so famous.  Some believe it never existed.  Others believe it was the precursor for the Thule Society.  
The Vril Society used mediums such as Maria Orsic to channel aliens before and during World War II.  She and the other mediums were women who grew their hair as long as they could, believing the hair helped communicate with aliens from other planets.  She and the other mediums received futuristic technological blueprints for super-weapons.  
No one can argue that Hitler and his engineers were ahead of world in terms of their air program.  Were extraterrestrials helping them?  After the war, some say that Maria Orsic and her followers took a flying saucer to another planet. Others say she and other Vril members took up a residence in Antarctica.  
Does the Vril Society exist today?  I had a very difficult time finding an answer one way or another.  There are links with the Black Sun Society, Albert Pike (American Freemason), and the Theosophical Society, but no proof of the group's continuation from Germany.
The Best Seller and The Sequel fictionalize some of the occult linked with Hitler and his Nazi Party.

The Sequel: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B076VXT46B/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1509065720&sr=8-3&keywords=dina+rae
The Best Seller: https://www.amazon.com/Best-Seller-Dina-Rae-ebook/dp/B01G2AKGMS/ref=sr_1_2?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1509065793&sr=1-2
Blog: https://dinaraeswritestuff.blogspot.com/
Facebook: Dina Rae Books

Goddess Fish Presents: Gumshoe Girl by Andi Ramos

This post is part of a virtual book tour organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. Andi will be awarding a $20 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. Click on the tour banner to see the other stops on the tour.

Sheagan O’Hare got more than she bargained for when her newly inherited detective agency lands its first case; a missing person, embezzlement, and murder. Sheagan’s out to prove she can hang with the pro's, despite the constant reminder of her amateur status from an annoyingly attractive FBI agent, Colin 'Mac' MacEvine, who’s forced himself into her life.

How does she feel when an old high school friend hopes to ignite a new romance?

Will she be able to discover if detective work and love can mingle before someone gets hurt?

Read an excerpt:

As she shifted her weight, the metal walls started to reverberate and Sheagan stifled a gasp, willing the rumbling to cease. Her breathing became labored as the musty air stole the aroma of the sweet perfume wafting up waft from the suite below. She stilled her movements and did the only thing she could think of… nothing. Nothing but stare at the heap of blankets and wait.

Come on, bimbo, come up for air. I know he doesn’t last that long.

Her discomfort increased as the noise from their passion became more intense.

Ugh, that’s it, I’ve had it!

She mashed her cheek and upper body against the grate.

I just need a peek to confirm.

She pressed harder, ogling the bed. Finally, she caught a tiny glimpse.

Just a little further.

She pushed and heard a chirring sound, then a scraping. She froze in place, but the grate gave way with a creaking groan and crashed to the ground. Time stood still as Sheagan realized there was nothing between her and the floor except air.

About the Author:
Andi Ramos grew up in central Massachusetts where she still lives today with her family, goat, and Boston Terriers. Her love for reading grew into a passion for writing. She dabbled with pen and paper for a long time and eventually stopped pushing her amusements aside and started developing those stories into novels. One of her favorite things to do is to hop into her motorhome with her family and write while traveling down the road as they journey to various destinations.

This is the author's debut book.

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/Gumshoe-Girl-Andi-Ramos-ebook/dp/B07CMZVJ9Z/ref=sr_1_1

Website: http://www.andiramos.com
Blog: http://www.andiramos.com/blog
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/andiramosauthor
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/andiramosauthor/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/andiramosauthor

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Book Review: Koolura and the Mystery of Camp Saddleback

Koolura and the Mystery of Camp Saddleback by Michael Thal is part of a series of young adult novels.  Koolura is a young girl (6th grade-ish) who has many paranormal powers.  In this particular novel, she goes away to camp for the summer.  She and her new girlfriends play pranks on the boys as they also play pranks on the girls.  Some of these pranks are extremely imaginative.  For example, the boys somehow rigged ketchup to squirt out on the girls' underwear.  There were brownies baked with ex-lax and plenty more good pranks.  Michael Thal also tackles racism with one of the boys making fun of another boy about being Jewish.  He incorporates sign language with one of the characters as well. 

Overall, this was a very enjoyable, fun, quick read.  I recommend it for kids who are middle school/high school age.  I am a Koolura fan and look forward to more of her wild tales.  Thal's stories are interesting, historical, and laced with humor.  Great job!  5/5 Stars

Friday, June 1, 2018

Goddess Fish Presents: Emily Mims's Ruby

This post is part of a virtual book tour organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. Emily will be awarding digital copies of books one and two in the Smoky Blues series, Mist and Smoke to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. Click on the tour banner to see the other stops on the tour.

Forty years ago Lexi Barstow and Collins Wentworth thought they had made the biggest mistakes of their lives. Heartbreaking choices and bitter tears cemented a pact that would shape who they were and what they would be. But now so much has changed...except the passion they share and the differences between them. But some things are fixable, and with forever staring them hard in the face, they learn all their decisions brought them to this place...an ever after filled with love.

Read an excerpt:

The club was even more crowded than it had been earlier and the audience was lively for a Sunday evening, clapping and stomping and answering Lonnie’s quips with boos and catcalls. There was electricity in the air. They were a fun crowd tonight.

Lexi’s eyes danced as they sang their first song. She was in her element.

They were about halfway through their second set when the front door opened and a familiar figure stepped into the club. The hostess’s eyes widened and the bartender did a double take. It wasn’t all that often a United States Senator darkened their doors.

Lexi’s curiosity burned as the flustered hostess showed Collins to the last vacant table by the front window. There was a bit of a stir as a good percentage of the audience recognized the man who had joined them, and then realized Lexi was performing for her old lover.

Whatever was he doing here tonight? This wasn’t his kind of club. It wasn’t even his kind of music anymore. She’d overheard him tell Danny he loved listening to him and his mother on their dulcimers, but that given the choice he was fonder of the classical music Chessie and Isabel played.

Had he come to hear Lexi sing? Had he come to repeat his invitation to join him on an evening out?

The thought sent chills up her spine.

She tore her eyes away from him. No way could she concentrate on her singing if all her attention was on Collins. Ever the professional, she didn’t miss a beat in the song they were singing, or the next, or the one after that. If anything, her voice became sultrier and her smile wider. Collins had come to hear her sing. She wanted him to know that she still had it, and she wanted to rub in what he’d missed all these years.

About the Author:
The author of over thirty romance novels, Emily Mims combined her writing career with a career in public education until leaving the classroom to write full time. The mother of two sons, she and her husband split their time between central Texas, eastern Tennessee, and Georgia visiting their kids and grandchildren. For relaxation Emily plays the piano, organ, dulcimer, and ukulele for two different performing groups, and even sings a little. She says, “I love to write romances because I believe in them. Romance happened to me and it can happen to any woman—if she’ll just let it.”

website: http://www.emilymims.com
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/emily.mims.756
twitter: http://twitter.com/emilymimsauthor
instagram: http://www.instagram.com/mims_emily

Amazon Author Page: https://www.amazon.com/Emily-Mims/e/B00FQQ247K/ref=sr_tc_2_0

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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Movie Review: Book Club

Book Club is a rom-com starring ageless beauties Jane Fonda, Candice Bergman, Diane Keaton, and Mary Steinbergen.  These four friends break away from their usual boring literary masterpieces and read Fifty Shades of Gray.  The book awakens their sexuality.  Jane Fonda finds love with Don Johnson.  Candice goes online to get laid.  Diane finds love with a pilot.  Mary Steinbergen resparks her sex life with her husband.  

My Review: The story is more like Fifty Shades of Sex in the City- geriatric style.  There are some laughs, mostly delivered by Bergman. All in all, it is an enjoyable film that provides an escape.  The ladies still got it going on-especially Jane Fonda at eighty years old!  My husband hates her and refuses to go to any movie with her in it.  Nevertheless, I hope for a sequel.  This film would definitely appeal more to women than men.    4/5 Stars.

Movie Review: Ocean's 8

Ocean's 8 is the girly version of Ocean's 7, 11, 12, 13 and who knows what else.  Instead of a pack of guys ripping something off, ...