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Guest Writer Elizabeth Eckhart Stops By: 2015 Horror Frenzy-This Year's MUST-SEE Flicks

2015 Horror Film Frenzy

No horror movie has ever outpaced the technology of its time. Even the greats succumbed to the limitations of their eras. Think about a Halloween remade for the present, with all its special effects tuned up. 2014 films like Open Grave and Signal didn’t really hit the mark with the public, even though they ended up being entertaining to an extent. On the other hand, movies like Ouija drew in audiences to witness unspeakable acts of horror to much financial success. The year 2015 promises a solid lot of horror films for fans of every ilk. From remakes to originals, no horror film addict should go wanting this year.

A movie driven by the ever-charismatic Guillermo del Toro, this movie plays into the fear that most people have about a house with a history. An old house in an otherwise charming place turns out to have some rather unattractive characteristics. A few of the local residents also carry baggage of their own. In contrast to many recent horror flicks, this one promises a psychological and human edge.

If you have ever had a fear of doctors and seemingly random tests, this film will scare the living daylights out of you. The opening scene finds our protagonist in just such a situation, and things don’t get any less bleak. This series of films drives viewers increasingly further into a desperate hole with little hope of escape. The beginning of the movie, though, turns out to be only one step towards a resolution to the protagonist’s misfortunes that have culminated over the course of the previous films.

In the 80s, Poltergeist horrified pretty much every sentient individual with access to a little money for a theater ticket. It’s widely considered a classic and if you haven’t seen it you can stream it or watch it on demand with providers like iTunes and DirecTV. The classic plot revolves around a family that has moved into a house built over an inauspicious location without knowing it. Things start out on a slightly comical, bizarre tone, but quickly move to more threatening possibilities. The remaking of this classic ghoul thriller was created by the experienced hands of Sam Raimi, a veteran of scary movies.
 Starring Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy, this version of the internationally known Frankenstein by Mary Shelley looks at the story, originally published in 1818, from another angle. Instead of seeing things through the monster’s eyes or those of the good doctor Frankenstein, we finally get an idea of what Igor might have thought of the situation. The postmodern take on the classic novel gives the tale a new spin.

Who doesn’t look forward to an all-out melee between humans, vampires and zombies? Kitchen Sink throws in all that and much more with an ironic wink to fans along the way. The film also plays on some of the 1980’s themes of teenagers against the system, as they remain the sole defense against the supernatural beings at large. Bob Odenkirk, from Breaking Bad and the soon-to-come Call Saul, makes an appearance in this flick.
In an odd combination of older horror themes, this Spike Lee film puts its protagonist into a tight spot. He suddenly has a desire for blood like a vampire, although he doesn’t fit the stereotypical vampire aspects. His journeys bring him through a gauntlet of all that society has to offer. On his way, he puts much of those norms into question.

In this second installment of the series, a group of kids stir up trouble with a very inhospitable resident of the Eel Marsh House. While they are not the first to face off with the specter, they would really like to be the last. The film attempts to convey some of the ways history impacts even the people who seem the most removed.

Obviously, horror depends on what we fear in our particular lives. Strangely enough, the things that scare us tend to be somewhat universal. As the horror genre evolves, it delves deeper and deeper into the areas we dread the most.

Thanks, Elizabeth!  Another great post!  Look forward to seeing these flicks.

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