Thursday, January 25, 2018

Don’t Rush Me
Jackie May
Publication date: January 25th 2018
Genres: Adult, Urban Fantasy
Most humans have no idea that a dark and deadly underworld, filled with magic and monsters, exists. They wander through life blissfully ignorant of the supernatural world around them. Nora Jacobs is different. Nora knows exactly what kinds of hellish creatures haunt the streets of Detroit.
Thanks to a unique set of psychic abilities, Nora has managed to steer clear of the underworld most of her life. But all that changes the night the most powerful vampire in the city discovers her gifts and decides to use her as a tool to find one of his missing clan members.
As if that’s not bad enough, Nora believes she’s cursed. All her life, people, especially men, have been drawn to her—some to the point of obsession and violence. Underworlders, it seems, are not immune to this curse, and now she’s caught the attention of some of the most dangerous monsters in the city.
Neck deep in an investigation only she can solve, Nora quickly makes as many new allies as she does enemies. Her biggest problem is staying alive long enough to decide which is which.
**This series is a slow burn reverse harem.
“Stay out of this, Gorgeous,” Henry snaps suddenly. Parker helps him sit up and Terrance growls again, but it’s not quite as menacing as before. He must be calming down a little.
“Nora is my responsibility. I’ll take her to my own healer—” Henry’s cut o by another vicious snarl, and I’m scooped up into Terrance’s arms so fast I lose my breath. “Yeah…” Gorgeous says to Henry. “Doesn’t look to me like that’s happening.” If his smugness wasn’t directed at Henry, I might and his arrogance annoying. Instead, the guy is my hero. “She’s still mine. I’ve claimed her for a mate.” Gorgeous chews on this new bit of information. He holds up the blood-soaked stake to examine it in the
light and then points the tip at Henry. “Seems to me she’s not too interested in becoming your mate.” “Not at all,” I clarify cheerfully. “He’s holding me against my will.” Henry glares at me, then scowls so hard at Gorgeous his eyes start to turn red again. Whether he doesn’t like
what Gorgeous said or he simply doesn’t like the man himself, I can’t tell. But it’s clear Mr. Gorgeous loves to irk Henry.
“She’s human,” Henry says indignantly. “Claiming her is my right. I don’t care if she triggered Terrance’s protective instincts. He can’t just take what is mine.”
“Well, I’m sure as hell not going to argue with him while he’s in that state, so why don’t we all head down to the Agency, get the pretty human all healed up, and sort this mess out with the director?”
“What agency?” I ask. “Director of what? Who are you? And…is your name seriously Gorgeous?” Gorgeous grins at me like I’ve just made his entire day. “Can you think of a more appropriate name?” I snort again and then wince. e guy needs to stop making me laugh. “Conceited much?” “And proud of it.” He pulls a leather ID wallet from his pocket and tosses it to me. I’m still cradled like a baby in Terrance’s arms, but I manage to catch the ID. “Nick Gorgeous, at your service. I work for the Federal Underworld Agency. e F U Agency for short.” I roll my eyes at his stupid acronym—though it’s admittedly more entertaining than S.H.I.E.L.D.—and focus on the more important fact. is guy’s a cop. An underworld cop. Like an FBI agent or something. I didn’t even know that existed.
And, I’ll be damned, his name really is Nick Gorgeous.

Author Bio:
Jackie May is a pseudonym for a husband and wife writing team. Josh and Kelly live in Phoenix, Arizona with their four children and their cat, Mr. Darcy. Jackie May is their only daughter. (And she keeps asking for her cut of the profits since we’re using her name.)


Tuesday, January 23, 2018

FBI Secret Society by Frank Fontaine

I've suspected our entire government is in on some kind of secret society.  That's why I voted for Trump, believing he wasn't part of it.  My suspicions are confirmed.  Only hours ago Fox News reported a secret society.  Peter Strzok and his girlfriend Lisa Page texted each other thousands of times and referred to a secret society within the FBI and Department of Justice that would take Trump out.  The secret society reference was texted the day after the election.
Every time there is an investigation, the evidence disappears. An example is Hilary's emails-she bleached the hard drive before turning it into the Department of Justice.  Clinton was exonerated before even questioned.  Clinton stole the Democratic nomination away from Bernie Sanders through her Democratic friends such as Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Donna Brazille.   The fix was in.
Image result for secret society of FBI?
This secret society wants Trump out of office.  He wasn't supposed to win.  Is it because they can't control him?  Is this Russian collusion thing a scam?  Strzok talked about an 'insurance policy' against Trump.  How far will the FBI go?  Talk about a take down!  I hope this doesn't end up badly.  All the man wants to do is make America great again.  Despite his mistakes, I think he is working for most Americans and not taking orders from the special interest groups.  Comments welcome.  Thanks, Dina, for having me on your blog.  FF

Monday, January 15, 2018

NWO on the Horizon: Property Grab in Line with UN Resolution

I've blogged about this before, and thanks to Frank Fontaine, I am blogging about this again.  UN Agenda 21 basically states that private ownership of property will soon be a thing of the past.  
First we had the 2008 "crisis" with lots of bankruptcies.  Then there was the explosion of reverse mortgages, a process in which the bank pays the homeowner-they are buying the home back for a fraction of the price.  And now, once again, we have another innovative way to entice homeowners to allow the banksters and Big Brother ways of taking one's home.  Before I explain, let me rehash the U.N. Agenda.

Agenda 21: First off, this is (for now) a voluntary plan that suggests ways to sustain governments, natural resources, and fight poverty for the 21st Century, hence the name of the agenda.  It was discussed back in '92 at a U.N. Conference in Brazil.  It's goal is to 'sustain' the world which means that a globalized government will control property as well as everything else all in the name of protecting us from ourselves.  Many conservative conspiracy theorists believe this is also a way, like Hitler's Final Solution, to kill the majority of the population so that we can sustain the globe.  The agenda has many disturbing elements to it, including the land grab.  BTW-George Soros has funded many off-shoot groups as a response.  Conspiracy theorists know full well that he is involved, then something is fishy.
So far, we have had some so-called voluntary ways a home and property owners could give up their land as previously explained, but this new way is even more terrifying.  
In an article of Dallas Morning News, the author explains a new way to 'help' out older people in need of property tax relief.  With Trump's new tax plan, one can deduct up to 10K dollars of property tax, an amount that isn't much in high tax areas such as the East Coast, Illinois, California, and Texas.  There is now a program in twenty-four states called property tax deferral program.  Seniors can defer all or some of their taxes each year.  In return, the local government can put a lien on the house for the dollar amount that was deferred after the seniors sell or die.  The amount of taxes would be taken at the closing of the sale.  Of course there would be interest charged onto the senior.  Sound to good to be true?  It is.  If the government really wanted to help seniors, how about charging them a fractional amount of their property tax?  That would make too much sense and no one would make any money or take property away with that idea.
Once again, the transfer of wealth per each generation gets smaller.  Millennials already have enough of a burden paying back their student loans.  Now they can look forward to the government getting a huge chunk, if not all, of their inheritance.  This will get rid of a lot of property owners, leaving the middle class in free fall.  It's a brave new world.  Soon Agenda 21 will gets its way.  Be paranoid, but be prepared.  Comments always appreciated!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Hitler and the Vril Society

The Vril Society, a secret society in which Hitler and his top officials believed in, was made famous by an old book, The Coming Race (1871) by Edward Bulwar Lord Lytton.  The book is about an underground world of aliens that use a power source called Vril.  The aliens call themselves the Vril-yas and have special powers of healing and telepathy.  The Vril-ya were also descendants of Atlanteans.  Hitler linked his Aryan ideology around this race of aliens.  The Coming Race was considered a 'cult-classic' among occult elite circles of Europe.  
Still today, there is little evidence about the Vril Society that Hitler made so famous.  Some believe it never existed.  Others believe it was the precursor for the Thule Society.  
The Vril Society used mediums such as Maria Orsic to channel aliens before and during World War II.  She and the other mediums were women who grew their hair as long as they could, believing the hair helped communicate with aliens from other planets.  She and the other mediums received futuristic technological blueprints for super-weapons.  
No one can argue that Hitler and his engineers were ahead of world in terms of their air program.  Were extraterrestrials helping them?  After the war, some say that Maria Orsic and her followers took a flying saucer to another planet. Others say she and other Vril members took up a residence in Antarctica.  
Does the Vril Society exist today?  I had a very difficult time finding an answer one way or another.  There are links with the Black Sun Society, Albert Pike (American Freemason), and the Theosophical Society, but no proof of the group's continuation from Germany.
The Best Seller and The Sequel fictionalize some of the occult linked with Hitler and his Nazi Party.

The Sequel:
The Best Seller:
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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Movie Review: All the Money in the World

All the Money in the World is about the kidnapping of J.P. Getty's grandson, Paulo, during the 1970s in Rome.  J.P. Getty was at one point the richest man in the world who accumulated the most money of all time.  Christopher Plummer plays the character.  Supposedly, Kevin Spacey was supposed to film, but his reputation made the director change actors.

At the beginning of the movie, the audience learns that John Paul Getty made his money from building and oil.  His son, an alcoholic drug addict, has three children with a regular woman (played by Michelle Williams) and then divorce.  He is pretty much out of the picture, and the mother has sole custody.  What the kidnappers do not realize is that she is broke.  John Paul Getty refuses to give her a dime unless she gives up custody.  She refuses.  
The only hope of paying off the kidnappers is through the grandfather, J.P. Getty.  One problem-he doesn't want to pay.  The man is shown buying million dollar artwork like candy throughout the movie, but refuses to pay ransom for his grandson.  He finally negotiates the ransom down to 2.8 million (a deductible amount for income tax) once the kidnappers show violence.  The mother gets her son back, but he has been tortured and will probably never be the same.  Ironically, Getty dies and the mother gets control of the fortune until her children become of age.

My Review: I love this movie!  Great acting, display of wealth, and suspense.  Getty was a real son-of-a-bitch.  One could understand why his son turned to drugs and alcohol.  Director Ridley Scott makes the story even more interesting.  Besides this new masterpiece, some of his other work include Blade Runner, Thelma and Louise, and American Gangster.  He has a real Hitchcockian style throughout the movie.  This is the best flick I've seen in 2017, and I hope it wins Best Movie this year at the Oscars.  5/5 Stars

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Goddess Fish Presents: Fire by Sam Rook

by Sam Rook


GENRE: Fantasy



The thrilling conclusion to the Knights of Av’lor trilogy!

Trapped on Av’lor and left for dead by her betrayer, Kathryn’s unrelenting determination is the only thing that might overcome the invading Zahkrinon army.

With the portal destroyed and the Zahkrinon army fast approaching, Kathryn and Lanclor have no choice but to focus on the survival of the Knighthood before they can consider rescuing Rachel. Unexpected events threaten their victory and the combined Av’lorian and Earth forces struggle to survive as their numbers dwindle.

They find the Zahkrinon are more dangerous than they had ever imagined.


“I know this news is hard to hear, but I wanted you to hear it from me,” Alextor continued. “I will do everything in my power to find a way back for you to return to your homeworld. However, the most pressing matter at hand is the approaching army. We must focus on the approaching hoard of Zahkrinon and dark elves before we can delve into—”

Kathryn abruptly rose from her chair and left the room. Most of the servants scrambled out of her way and faded back into the background, except for one small form who followed Kathryn from the room. Hal shook his head. The servant probably thought she could help the Hero of the Last Battle in some way. Hal turned his attention back to Lord Alextor, determined to listen to what his commanding officer had to say.

“I know not all of you will agree, but I believe—”

Nidira threw herself at her brother’s side and intercepted the knife meant for Lord Alextor’s heart. All around the table, the bare-footed servants randomly attacked the members of the meeting. Blood splashed across the table, a startling contrast against the white slices of bread. Hal jumped to his feet and looked behind him just as a servant prepared to attack.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Sam Rook lives in Vermont with her husband and two children. Her passion for fantasy novels began in high school with her desire to write following shortly thereafter. Software engineer by day, fantasy author by night, she strives to give her readers a chance to enjoy worlds that transport them away from the stress of everyday life.

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Monday, January 1, 2018

Movie Review: The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman is a musical that is loosely about P.T. Barnum's life.  The story line is somewhat fictional.  I looked up Zack Ephron's character, Carlisle.  Apparently, he never existed.  However, most of the story was true.  I am not sure where Bailey comes in.  At the end of the movie, Barnum rebuilds.  There is no mention of a partner other than Carlisle.
P.T. Barnum fell in love with a wealthy girl and married her when he had nothing.  Through some conniving, he managed to get a loan and the circus was born.  The freaks didn't have much in terms of equality or job offers back in the 1800's, so the circus at least provided a family and a paycheck.  Barnum also gets a main act, Jenny Lind.  The singer almost takes Barnum away from his lovely wife, Michelle Williams, and lovely daughters while also losing him gobs of money when she walked off of the tour.  
My Review:
I loved the music and dancing in this movie.  Zack Ephron and Zaya have an especially original number in which they swing off of a trapeze rope during a love song.  Hugh Jackman once again proves that he is the greatest showman in singing, acting, and dancing.  The freaks were three dimensional and at times made me tear up.  I felt sorry for the way they were treated.  They sort of reminded me of the freaks in American Horror Story Circus season.  The bearded lady was one heck of a singer.  Overall, this was a beautiful movie that needs to be seen on the big screen.  I highly recommend it for everyone.  5/5 Stars.

The Bifurcation of Dungsten Crease

    Science Fiction Date Published: March 15, 2021 Publisher: Del Sol Press In the course of a morning, Dungsten Crease resurrec...