Sunday, January 11, 2015

Week 2 of Magazine Diet Challenge

This week I plan to follow the diet on the cover of Woman's World magazine.  Like the other diet, it's a Paleo diet.  I guess Paleo diets are the "new" thing.  Supposedly, the diet mimics what scientists believe cave men and women ate before agriculture was practiced.  The diet claims to heal sluggish thyroids, melt away fat, and even relieve some MS ailments.  

This diet has more variety than last week's diet.  There is no limit on portions (yikes!).  Here is a brief overview of the menu.  The food cost approximately 60% more than last week's menu.

Breakfast: Paleo Pancakes OR eggs, protein, and fruit OR Larabar bar or Clif Kit bar

Lunch: Bacon, turkey, tomato, and guacamole lettuce wrap, dates, and almonds OR Greek salad with chicken and grapes OR chicken and apple

Dinner: Chicken skillet OR Shepherd's Pie OR pork chops, apple salsa, and green beans

Snack: Paleo Chocolate Shake OR veggies and guacamole OR egg and veggies OR fruit and almonds

Leave a comment if you are dieting!  Love to interview a success story.

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