Monday, November 9, 2015

Goddess Fish Presents: The Face Transplant by R. Arundel

The Face Transplant
by R. Arundel


GENRE: Medical Suspense Thriller
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The Face Transplant

An epic journey of suspense, murder, and sacrifice

Dr. Matthew MacAulay is a facial transplant surgeon at a prestigious New York hospital. When his friend and mentor, Tom Grabowski, dies under mysterious circumstances, Matthew uncovers his friend’s secret: a new technique that allows perfect facial transplants. No incisions, no scars. Tom was able to accomplish this monumental feat with the help of Alice, a supercomputer robot with almost human abilities. While trying to find the people responsible for murdering Tom, Matthew realizes he is the prime suspect. He must flee for his life with the help of Dr. Sarah Larsson, a colleague and reluctant helper, who has a secret of her own, and Alice, who helps them make sense of a baffling series of seemingly unrelated events. The clues carry Matthew and Sarah around the world. They stumble onto a sinister plot of monumental proportions that leads Matthew all the way to the White House.

The Face Transplant is a powerful medical suspense thriller of the first order. The novel was written by a surgeon who weaves politics, medicine, and espionage into a tightly paced, intelligent thriller.



The man in the black fedora is going to kill Matthew MacAulay. It will bring him no joy. It will bring him no sadness. It is just something he has to do. He knows this one should feel different, but it does not. He sees Matthew and begins to approach him. He is very excited; it feels almost sexual. The small pin he carries in his right palm is a work of art. It is a two-inch-long needle with a hollow core. It is very difficult to have this manufactured. The mechanical specifications are exacting because the point is so fine it is invisible to the human eye.

He has to be careful with the point. If anyone looks closely at his right hand, they may notice a thick flesh-toned pad on his palm with a needle flat against it. As soon as he pushes the small button, the needle will become erect. The needle will penetrate Matthew’s skin and the plunger will inject the microdroplets. The amount is less than two grains of salt. Eight hours later Matthew will be dead. It will be relatively painless. Matthew’s muscles will violently constrict; it will be over in two minutes. Maybe it will not be so painless, but less pain than Matthew is causing him with his inquiries.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:
R. Arundel is a practising surgeon. This experience brings realism to the story. The novel asks what would happen if a surgeon were to develop the perfect face transplant.  This would allow people to have a new face, in essence create a new identity. You can create the perfect double, the perfect Doppelganger.

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What is something you’ve lied about?
Can’t remember .
Who is the last person you hugged?
My partner.
What are you reading now?
Red Dragon by Thomas Harris

How do you come up with the titles to your books?
I usually start with a title, but when the book is finished I then change it. A title tries to encompass the entire novel in a few words. Hard to do.
Share your dream cast for your book.
All unknown actors. I don’t want preconceived notions about the actors influencing how the audience would receive the story.~~~~~~~

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R. Arundel said...

Thanks for hosting my book The Face Transplant, great interview.
R. Arundel

Goddess Fish Promotions said...

Thanks for hosting!

Mai T. said...

What is something you’ve always wanted to try but have been too scared to?

R. Arundel said...

Parachuting. I think it would be very interesting falling out of a plane for those few seconds until the parachute deployed. Problem is if, you parachute doesn't deploy....

Victoria Alexander said...

Really awesome excerpt - thanks for sharing!

MomJane said...

This sounds like a really exciting mystery. I enjoyed the blurb and the excerpt.

R. Arundel said...

It's an action packed medical suspense thriller.

Mary Preston said...

An interesting story line.

Betty Woodrum said...

This sounds like a real page turner!

Dina Rae said...

Hi R. Arundel: Great cover, great blurb, just great everything. This is on my to-be-read list in the near future. My kind of sci-fi!

Ree Dee said...

I enjoyed the post. Sounds like a great read. Thank you.

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