Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Mayan Zero: Evidence of Extraterrestrial Intervention by Eleanor Elizabeth

Mayan Counting System
I am a college student who is studying to be a teacher.  Today we learned that the Mayans invented zeroes in mathematics. They counted in groups of fives and twenties which eventually led to the modern day rule of ten.  Their advanced counting system allowed them to use, organize, and count very high numbers.  The culture thrived in Central America around 2000 B.C.  What struck me most interesting during the lesson was the shape of their zero.
One way zero was drawn.
Another common way zero was drawn.
The first picture looks very much like a spaceship.  The second image looks like both a spaceship and a boat or canoe.  My dad thinks it looks like a clam.  I cannot help but wonder why they needed something this advanced.  They are most famous for their calendars and of course 2012, End of the World, which didn't happen.  They are also considered revolutionary for their era in astronomy.  
This amazing civilization abruptly ended around 900 B.C.  Where did they go?  Some believe they died in a natural disaster.  This theory doesn't make much sense.  Most of their architecture, art, and cities were left intact.  Some believe there was a drought.  Maybe.  More interestingly, some believe they were time travelers and ascended up to another planet or perhaps their home.  Their religion claims that the Mayan race came from gods in the sky.  Again, their contributions to calendars and astronomy seems to back up their religious claims.  One of the Mayan kings left a cover of his sarcophagus.  Look at the picture.  It appears as if a man is in some kind of cockpit of an aircraft.  What do you think?  Were the Mayans contacted by extraterrestrials or were they extraterrestrials? Love to hear from you.   It's my first (and hopefully not last) post.
Eleanor Elizabeth, Conspiracy Contributor

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