Friday, September 29, 2017

Hollow Earth and Antarctica

The Hollow Earth Theory has been around for centuries.  The North and South Poles along with the Himalayan Mountains allegedly are entries to a subterranean civilization.  The theory was started by Edmund Halley and then became more detailed under mathematician Leonhard Euler.  In 1829, military man John Symmes claimed there was a hole in both of the Poles.  These holes/entrances were named after him.  

Authors Edgar Allen Poe, Jules Verne, and Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote stories about the Hollow Earth.  It was Edward Bulwar Lytton's The Coming Race that attracted the attention of various secret societies, including Hitler's Vril Society.  He believed the science fiction novel was much more than a story.  In 1938, Hitler famously sent a crew of Nazis down to the South Pole to obtain a whaling station for fat, the main ingredient in soap and margarine.  At least that was the cover story.  His crew sailed down to Queen Maud, a Norwegian territory, planted some flags and found an ice free area which was used as a research station, Base 211.  Many believe they built a secret base and found aliens and alien technology.  Some even go as far to say that a cave was found 20-30 miles deep with a geothermal lake.

Once the war ended, the U.S. didn't forget about the Nazi's expedition and immediately sent Admiral Richard Byrd with 4700 men, 13 ships and 33 aircraft down to Antarctica.  The mission, called Operation Highjump, was sent to "train troops, build a base, and store knowledge."  Most believe they were sent to see what Hitler was up to.  Byrd supposedly told South American reporters that Earth was hollow and an entrance point was at both of the poles. He faithfully wrote in a journal.  The U.S. government reportedly took the journal and it remains top secret.  Some say both Byrd and Hitler found flying discs powered by red mercury.
My newest novel, The Sequel, uses the Hollow Earth Theory as part of the story line.
The Sequel is coming soon.


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