Monday, August 1, 2016

TV Review: Showtime's Ray Donovan Season 4

Ray Donovan is a show on Showtime.  In summary, Ray Donovan is a Southie who lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two kids.  He doesn't have a regular job, but picks up work in security, media control, and doing others' dirty work.  He is part gangster, part fighter, part family man, and part womanizer.  Despite all of his roles, he consistently remains a man of few words and tons of action.  The first three seasons introduce us to his extended family who follow him to California.  There's Ray's brother Terry, a boxing ring owner who has Parkinson's Disease.  Bunchie is Ray's other brother who works at the ring and goes to therapy as a Catholic priest molestation victim.  Ray has a half-brother, Darryl, who is black from one of his father's indiscretions.  Darryl also works at the ring, but has helped out their father who is a career criminal in several shady business dealings.  Ray's wife is a tough bitch who is like the Irish version of Edie Falco in Sopranos.  Ray's son is a wanna-be gangster and his daughter is now an adult who just left her boyfriend/high school teacher after finding out she wasn't his only student.

The show shifts story lines with its characters.  Ray usually ends up working for a celebrity.  Last year it was Katy Holmes, and the year before it was Elliot Gould.  This year the boss is Embath Davidtz.  She was in Schindler's List, but I had to look that up-not much of a celebrity.
Summary of Season 4: The story lines this season include Ray's wife and her breast cancer, Ray's boss and her breast cancer, and Lena's ex-girlfriend and her breast cancer.  Ray's son took his gun from his closet and is having fun shooting at houses in his rich subdivision.  Bunchie's wife left him with their daughter.  Terry took in a homeless kid to train for boxing.  One of Ray's clients, a famous boxer, was caught banging his sister (Lisa Bonet).  Ray had to clean that up.  Ray's dad (John Voight) ripped off a casino and is in jail.  Ray hooked up with his boss yesterday on the newest episode.  That's the low-down.
My Review: In the past, I've liked the show.  It has many similarities to HBO's Sopranos.  To be clear, Sopranos worst episode blows Ray Donovan's best episode out of the water.
Anyway, I liked the show enough to continue watching it, but....  I hate to be negative, but I have just about had it.  I am done for good.  The new thing in cable dramas seems to be unattractive people stripping off their clothes and having sex on screen.  Now I'm no prude, but the last thing I want to see are two ugly people getting down.  Enough!  Last year it was Terry and his girlfriend who got naked and had sex at the boxing ring.  I almost puked, but dealt with it.  John Voight got lucky with an older lady, but at least they didn't get naked.  This year there seems to be a breast cancer theme that I'm bored to tears with.  His wife went topless, which was okay. What pissed me off yesterday was when Ray had sex with his boss who took off her shirt to show off her double mastectomy. If this is where Hollywood is headed, count me out.  I watch TV to escape reality, not have it rubbed in my face.  


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