Saturday, August 13, 2016

Book Review: Einstein's Prophecy

Robert Masello's Einstein's Prophecy is about an ancient set of bones that have certain powers.  The story puts our protagonist, Luke, in search of these bones while in the army during World War II.  The United States wants them because Hitler went out of his way to get them from Egypt.  After almost getting blown to smithereens after recovering the bones, Luke returns to the U.S. and works as a Princeton professor.  Einstein lives across the street from him on the campus.  
Luke, a carbon-dating professor, and another expert are in charge of studying the bones and trying to figure out why they appealed to the Nazis.  A father and daughter from Egypt who originally found the bones in a cave in Egypt are also interested.  They travel to Princeton and the daughter worms her way into the study.  Her father believes the bones have demonic powers.  
The professors' study soon turns into a horror show.  People get possessed and then wind up dead.  Not to spoil the ending, but Einstein plays a role in the story's resolution that also has to do with World War II.
My Review:  The first half of this book was amazing.  The author expertly inserted bits and pieces of history and lore while creating a mystery around the bones.  I loved how he used real people from history as characters in his book.  The legend of St.Anthony was introduced as part of the story line. The story reminded me of Preston's and Childs's Cemetary Dance and Relic.  The second half of the book wasn't nearly as good.  The author lost a lot of his steam.  There were some interesting action scenes, but the main story seemed to be rushed as was the love story.  The ending seemed a little too simple for such an intricate and fascinating set-up.  Overall, I was disappointed. 3/5 Stars

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