Saturday, August 6, 2016

Movie Review: Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond is another installment of the Star Trek franchise. The story begins with Captain Kirk using diplomacy to win over a race of aliens.  He tries to give them an artifact that they don't want.  Later on, Kirk transports a damsel in distress/female alien onto his ship.  She claims to have lost her students in a nebula and needs his help.  This is a set-up.  Later Kirk and his crew learn that she is in cahoots with Krall who holds her friends hostage.  Krall wants one of Kirk's artifacts for nefarious purposes.  He severs their spacecraft with some kind of techie bat-like things.  They eat through the neck of the ship which crashes on Krall's planet.  The crew escape in their pods.  They meet a rebel alien, Jana, who has been hiding an old spacecraft from United States.  She, Kirk, and his crew fix the old ship, unite and take on Krall.  Spoiler Alert: They save the universe again, but you probably knew that anyway.

My Review: The story line was interesting as were the special effects, costumes, and makeup.  I loved all of the technology and gadgets that were inside of the two ships.  The weapons used by the bad guys were very creative.  The new cast was awesome, especially Zoe Saldana.  The subtle humor was also appreciated.  I loved how Spock gave a shout-out at the end by looking at an old picture of the original Spock and crew.  There was some predictability to the movie, but I didn't mind.  I recommend this movie for sci-fi lovers, Trekkies, families, and just about anyone. Great entertainment that should be seen on the big screen. 4.5/Stars

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