Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Conspiracy Theory: $400 Million Sent on Cargo to Iran????

It's been all over the news that the Obama Administration sent $400 million dollars in a cargo plane in various cash currency to Iran as part of a 1.7 billion dollar settlement. The plane landed back in January.  On the same day it landed, 4 hostages/prisoners were released and then a fifth hostage/prisoner was released.  The United States dropped extradition requests for fourteen people and freed seven.  Hmmm.... 400 million for 5 and Iran doesn't pay any money and gets seven..... The money is supposedly in response to an old deal made in the '70s and '80s with the Shah of Iran.  He bought 400 million dollars worth of planes and military stuff and then got ousted.  We never paid the government back.  And Obama wants to makes this right??????  We have given millions if not billions in foreign aid over the years!!!!!!!!!  Shouldn't that be a wash?  Obama said this was a great deal, saving Americans tons of money in interest and inflation.  I wish I was making this up.  Please Google my facts.

Apparently, it is against U.S. policy to pay any kind of ransom because it encourages terrorists to kidnap Americans.  What I don't understand is this-how did Obama get his hands on that kind of money?  I thought Congress pulled the purse strings?  Does Obama have a slush fund of billions of dollars?  Is that legal?  Obama of course denies he paid any ransom money.  And who got the money?  The Iranian government?  Terrorists?  And how do we know about this?  Who leaked the story and why?  The secret deal went down in January.
I have no idea, but...  
From a conspiracy angle, the infamous Iran Deal (they get everything and the green light for nukes and we get nothing) has some interesting supporters.  NGO Ploughshares for one.  They are backed by Mr. New World Order himself, George Soros.  Let's add the Carnegie Corporation, Buffet Foundation, Ford Foundation, and Rockefeller Foundation and we got ourselves a globalization cocktail that is meant to get us all drunk-black out drunk in hopes that we wake up and not remember a thing.  Soros paid half a million to a Palestinian lobby group on J Street just to "sell" the deal to Israel.  Why?  The official story is to "postpone" Iran from gaining nukes.  From my conspiracy angle, and many others all over the Internet, it is all part of New World Order.  To get a one world government the inner circle must promote discord among all nations and run the economy into the ground.  Comments and questions much appreciated.

By the way, my first book, The Last Degree (2012) is a novel about the world as it forms a one world government.  My fiction wasn't too far from the truth.

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