Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Book Review: Man of Legends by Kenneth Johnson

Man of Legends is about an immortal man, Will, who wanders the earth for twenty centuries, waiting for redemption.  Will never ages as he walks through history.  He keeps his distance with other human beings in fear of being discovered.  
As the story progresses, Will opens up to others little by little.  First, he confirms Mary Shelley's (author of Frankenstein) suspicions of his situation.  He then has a wild love affair with Hannah Claire after saving her from suicide.  The setting spans throughout the decades, but lingers mainly within the year 2000.  Will believes or hopes that something big will happen, maybe even the return of Christ.  He believes it was Jesus who cursed him in retaliation for Will pushing him while He carried the cross to Golgotha.  Will deeply regrets his actions and spends the rest of his never-ending life trying to help others.  As Will lives throughout the ages, he learns that the devil as well as the Vatican are aware of his immortality.  They follow him for selfish reasons.  Soon others figure Will out as well.  A nosy reporter, a wanna-be artist, an old flame, as well as others whose lives he had touched are on to his power.    
My Review:
This was an amazing ride through history.  I loved the characters, the research, and the religious link to God.  The author did a spectacular job telling the story by constantly switching perspectives of the plot through the eyes of dozens of characters.  Will begins to accept his curse, and even believes that Jesus somehow passed him a metaphorical torch to continue his good deeds.  I enjoyed the story immensely.  5/5 Stars.

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