Saturday, June 2, 2018

Book Review: Koolura and the Mystery of Camp Saddleback

Koolura and the Mystery of Camp Saddleback by Michael Thal is part of a series of young adult novels.  Koolura is a young girl (6th grade-ish) who has many paranormal powers.  In this particular novel, she goes away to camp for the summer.  She and her new girlfriends play pranks on the boys as they also play pranks on the girls.  Some of these pranks are extremely imaginative.  For example, the boys somehow rigged ketchup to squirt out on the girls' underwear.  There were brownies baked with ex-lax and plenty more good pranks.  Michael Thal also tackles racism with one of the boys making fun of another boy about being Jewish.  He incorporates sign language with one of the characters as well. 

Overall, this was a very enjoyable, fun, quick read.  I recommend it for kids who are middle school/high school age.  I am a Koolura fan and look forward to more of her wild tales.  Thal's stories are interesting, historical, and laced with humor.  Great job!  5/5 Stars

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