Monday, December 4, 2017

Rothchild Family and New World Order by Frank Fontaine

Who are the Rothchilds? For all of you who do not know who the Rothchild Family is, here's their back story.  Mayer Amschel Rothchild was a German-Jew who established a new kind of banking system back in the 1760s.  His five sons took his banking business and expanded it internationally.  The banking business remained within the family.  Rothchild men married their cousins to keep the wealth within.  The Rothchild family was given royal titles and a coat of arms throughout the years.  They traded gold bullion with England during the Napoleonic Wars, turning them into an international dynasty.  Funding both sides, they profited no matter who won the war.  
They have advised many royals on finance throughout the last two centuries.  Some of their other businesses include DeBeers, Eramet, Imerys, and the Rio Tinting Mining Company.  This mining company funded Cecil Rhodes in the colonization of Rhodesia.  BTW, Cecil Rhodes (Rhodes Scholar such as Bill Clinton) is a big-time New World Order figure, but that's another blog post.  A Rothchild set up the Rhodes Scholar fund.
The modern Rothchild is much more quiet in money-making than the ones in the 18th and 19th centuries.  They are still involved in banking and gold.  They also have quite a presence in the wine-making industry as well as oil and construction.
No one know how much this family is worth, since all of the assets are split within the heirs.  Some conservatively estimate over two trillion dollars.  Others believe that number is closer to five hundred trillion dollars, making them own 80% of the world's wealth.  They are connected to the IMF.  Many believe they are the inner circle.
Their magazine, The Economist, outright sees Trump as a threat to New World Order plans.  For all of you who can't stand Trump, prolonging a one world government is one hell of reason to be in his corner.  Thoughts and views appreciated.
Dina, as usual, thanks for letting me vent.  And I love the new book The Sequel!
Frank Fontaine


Ronda Tutt said...

It’s scary to see all this unfold in the news. For years people have teased others for talking about the NWO and here we are exposing it in the news. Yes I’m a Trump supporter but I’m not dumb and have known before he was elected that a one world government will never work. And if there ever is a One World Order, we’d all be slaves. The sad thing is that most democrats who scream racism because their ancestors were once slaves are completely blinded by the lies the party feeds them and by the free programs they try to push on them at the working Americans expense. If they weren’t blinded by all the free stuff and false promises, they’d see that the democrats are leading them right back into SLAVERY.

When you look at that pyramid example and see the icons that are in or apart of our everyday lives - it’s just scary to think that their influence and mind meddling/ brain washing is constantly at work.

Great write up.

Loved The Sequel too by the way.


reda atrees said...

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Dina Rae said...

Thanks, Ronda! Yes, you are right. New World Order = Slavery for almost all of us. The inner circle isn't even mincing their words anymore, as if they don't care because takeover is around the corner. Thanks for reading and commenting!
Thanks, Reda, for the comment, but cannot read it. Try to translate next time!

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