Friday, December 29, 2017

Movie Review: Star Wars 2017

I've been on a mission to see every movie!  So far, I've seen four in the last three days.  I will start with the first movie that I saw, Star Wars (2017).  This is the most recent installment of George Lucas's space opera/epic.  The movie picks up where the 2015 Star Wars left off-Rae finds Luke Skywalker on a mountain and Lea is fighting off the Evil Empire with the rebel forces.  While Rae is on the island, Luke doesn't seem to eager to train her on how to be a Jedi.  She has shown a great deal of talent by moving things with her mind.  She also tele-communicates with Ben Solo (Darth Vader's grandson/Lea and Hans Solo's son).  Yoda eventually talks some sense into Luke and he starts to train her.  He is extremely impressed with her potential.  The audience eventually learns about the relationship between Luke and his nephew, Ben Solo.  Meanwhile, Lea and her troops are fighting off the Evil Empire in space as they surround her space station.  Without spoiling the movie, both storylines merge and leave room for another movie.

My Review: I love Daisy Ridley as the new Jedi.  She's gorgeous and fierce.  Everyone was amazing.  I know they continued filming the movie after Carrie Fisher died, but the way it was done I couldn't tell where the computers and director filled in and when she was filmed.  This movie is probably my favorite of all of the Star Wars.  The script, direction, special effects, and acting effortlessly pulled both old fans and new fans together while ensuring a cinema dynasty for decades to come.  Well done-a must see on the big-screen.  5/5 Stars  More reviews to follow!

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