Saturday, December 30, 2017

Review: Jumanji

I got to see Jumanji a couple of days ago with my kids.  I remember the original movie with Robin Williams.  Like the 1996 film, Jumanji is a game that becomes a reality for its players.  However, there are several updates within this movie.  For one, Jumanji is a video game the players get sucked into instead of a board game from the '90s.  The players become other people based on the characters/avatars they pick out.  They have a mission with various levels, just like a video game.  There is a little film in the video game that explains the game and what the players are supposed to do.  In this Jumanji, the players need to get the emerald eye that was taken from the jaguar statue and put it back so the curse of the jungle will be lifted.  Throughout the movie, there was action, humor, and adventure.

My Review: I like this Jumanji better than the one with Robin Williams.  The Rock, Jack Black, Nick Jonas, and the other actors were terrific.  This remake is well done and a great family movie to take in on the big screen.  4/5 Stars.  Fun flick!

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