Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Movie Review: LaLa Land

La La Land is a simple love story between an aspiring actress (Emma Stone) and an aspiring musician (Ryan Gosling).  The two stars keep running into each other and eventually fall in love.  Their bliss gets complicated the second success enters the picture.  Gosling gets to tour with John Legend as a pianist and then Stone gets her first big break in a film.  Sadly, they don't end up with each other with both of them having regrets.  The film is filled with dancing, singing, and music.  Gosling played the piano himself. Most of the film takes place in Hollywood.

My Review: Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling can do a helluva lot more than act.  These two gorgeous stars are multi-talented across the board.  The film felt like old Hollywood with some of the musical routines.  There was a sense of magic, making me feel that I was watching a musical play.  Overall, I really liked the movie.  I think it would please women more than men.  If one is looking for something a little different and entertaining without one big sequence of special effects, this movie fits the bill. 4/5 Stars.

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