Saturday, December 17, 2016

Frank Fontaine Rant: Rothchild Banks and New World Order

The Rothchilds have the reputation for secretly ruling the world.  When one brings up New World Order, they are one of the first names who come to mind.  The family's banking empire began with Mayor Amschel Rothchild, a Jew who started banking with German elites back in the 1700s.  His banking business expanded among his five sons all over Europe.  While they grew more powerful and wealthy, they also acquired tight relations with some of the most wealthy and famous families in Europe- De medici to Queen of Elizabeth of modern day.  The family is said to be worth 500 trillion as a conservative estimate.  

Besides banking, the family has been known to finance wars so that they insure themselves a profit as well as manipulating the stock market.  They even have their own coat of arms.  The Rothchilds also marry within the family.  Mayor, the first Rothchild banker, started the tradition that women cannot inherit any of the family fortune.  This gives the incentive to marry their cousins to keep the money within the family.  
James Rothchild and Nicky Hilton married.
The Rothchilds quietly control the IMF and World Bank.  They are famous for putting pressure on the government to deregulate and then allow private banks to loot and steal off of the economy.  Then comes the bailout-sound familiar?  Anyway, the government is forced into bailing out the deregulated banks of whom they were forced to deregulate in the first place.  Where do they get the money?  From the IMF and World bank of course.  What's the price?  Besides interest, a selling-out of their sovereignty with many other problems.
Bolivia is the first country to kick out the Rothchild banks!  Way to go, President Evo Morales!  By combating the nation's debt, allowed him to stand up to the indirect Rothchild way of takeover.

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