Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Book Review: The Fourth Reich by Jim Marrs

The Fourth Reich by Jim Marrs is a nonfiction book about the Fourth Reich that hasn't "technically" happened, at least according to main stream media, but is alive and well all over the world, especially America.  The author immediately points out that Reich means empire but reich means rich.  The inference sets up accusations that banksters are quietly running the world.  When business doesn't go their way, a war is staged through financial decisions.The First Reich happened under the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation and lasted the longest from 962 to 1806.  The Second Reich lasted from 1871 until 1918, spilling into the first world war.  The Third Reich, arguably the most famous, occurred during Hitler's reign (1933-1945). Marrs spends a great deal of time explaining how the Third Reich did not disappear, but found a new residence, especially in both of the Americas.  He goes into the conspiracy of Hitler's suicide and the massive import of Nazi doctors and scientists under Operation Paperclip.  He even talks about Hitler's fascination with the occult and possible alien technology.  The Nuremberg Trials were a show for the world. The handful who were caught served marginal jail sentences and then once released were given high salaried positions for global corporations within the pharmaceutical and defense corporations.  
One of Marrs's most convincing aspects of this conspiracy theory is the trail of the same people tied to the government and national banking.  He goes into the relationships that set up the Federal Reserve, World Bank, and EU Monetary Fund.  In short, Preston Bush, Rothchilds, Rockefellers, and Warburgs are some of the same names that repeat during the Third Reich and post World War II.  He continues his theory all the way up to 911 when high-ranking employees in the banking, security, and transportation world sold stock the day before the Twin Towers fell.  Did they know there would be a crash?  Suspicious.  There was so much more to this very long book.  Not sure if I agree with everything Marrs had to say, but he did an amazing job in researching all of his claims.  I do believe that he is on to something very profound.  He is obviously a believer in New World Order conspiracy.  Instead of coming off as a crackpot, his writing is clear, backed with facts, and easy to read.  This is a great book for anyone who loves an alternative perspective to CNN and Fox News.  I will definitely buy another Jim Marrs book.  5/5 Stars

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