Sunday, November 29, 2015

Movie Review:Spectre-Bond Takes Down New World Order

The new James Bond movie, Spectre, leaves Bond without a job.  "M" is dead, but leaves James a video regarding her murder.  The movie begins with him picking up where "M" left off.  

The British Secret Service is undergoing several changes, including getting rid of their 00 program.  James and his colleagues might soon be out of work.  Without any support the Secret Service, Bond solves "M"s murder and takes down an international conspiracy plot.  
The villain is a global group called Spectre.  Their goal is to take over the world through satellites, drones, phone taps, and other security measures.
My Review: I am not a fan of James Bond, but my husband is.  Most of the movies are too light on plot and heavy on car chases for me to follow.  Spectre is in a class by itself.  The story is about the formation of a one world government sharing surveillance on every citizen, kind of like a modern day 1984.  Being a New World Order conspiracy fan, I loved the story line.  The villains were almost believable.
The opening scene hooked me from the first second.  Bond began the movie in Mexico City during a Day of the Dead celebration, hunting down a cartel member.  The scene had me on the edge of my seat and held my attention throughout the film.  
Daniel Craig never looked better.  His James Bond character had more depth in this movie.  We finally learned something about his childhood backstory.  His love interest was drop-dead gorgeous.  She reminded me of a young Kate Moss.  Another actor who caught my eye was the new "Q", a skinny, nerdy computer geek who was incredibly sexy.  The settings (London, Rome, Tangiers, and Mexico City) worked almost like characters themselves, adding eye candy to the film.  The movie was worth the price of the ticket.  Spectre is highly recommended!  5/5 Stars

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