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Goddess Fish Presents: The Reader by M. Pax

by M. Pax


GENRE: Fantasy
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With the rift closed for the season and no more monsters to fight, Daelin Long gets bored as librarian in the podunk town of Settler, Oregon. A job interview and her brother's arrival present a tempting opportunity to escape, until her brother and her best friend, a ghost, disappear.

While Daelin searches for them, more mysteries pile up: dead people coming back to life, portraits of the town founders replaced with strange white trees, and people on the other side of the rift returning. It’s impossible. The portal that allows monsters from other universes to come to Earth is sealed until next summer.

The Rifters, a secret group protecting our world, believe the troubles are nothing more than the tantrums of an offended ghost. Daelin disagrees. If she’s right, the evil hell-bent on destroying Earth has new technology making the rift more deadly.

Before the monster summons the next apocalypse, Daelin must find it and destroy it.

Book 3 in the Rifter series.



Daelin Long raked her teeth over her lower lip. “Why didn’t you tell me our sister sent you a package? We’ve spoken countless times since I moved here.”

“You didn’t tell me she was in so much trouble.” Her brother, Cobb, crossed his arms. “She asked me to be discreet and to say nothing until I met up with you precisely on this day. The lengths she took to guard whatever it is she’s hiding gives me the willies. What in all the mangled circuits on the planet is she mixed up in?”

“This town is full of peril and secrets, Cobb. The biggest is a portal in the woods. It opens every summer and closes on the fall equinox. That has to be the reason Charming told you to meet up with me today.” Today was one day after the fall equinox.

“How will what she hid help?”

“I don’t know. Hopefully, the hidden item will tell us.”

“Hope isn’t more than a wish to go on.” He examined the tools and crystals on the workbench. “Have I been sucked into one of those fantasy books you were always reading when we were kids? What does the portal do? Where does it go?”

“I wonder the same thing. Are we trapped in a book?” Daelin laughed softly. “The rift connects forty-two universes. She and I are in the Rifters, a group of people who guard the world against what comes through the portal.”

“Wh-why? What comes through it?”

His wide eyes whisked Daelin’s memories back to a time when he was small and terrified of rubber toy snakes.

“No snakes,” she said, “but I’ve seen monsters. Monsters that will have you wishing for snakes.”

“Ha.” He threw his head back. “Nothing can make me wish for snakes.”

She patted his elbow. “I’ll make sure you never find out.”

“What have you fought?”

“A head-stealing ghost and a swarm of volcanic killer ash bees.”

“What kind of bees?”

“Stones that morphed into killer bees in the sun.” She explained the creatures and the harrowing days they had threatened the town. “Charming returned to help win the battle, otherwise the whole country would be having bee problems by now.”

“Returned?” Cobb’s face scrunched up. “Where is she?”

“The other side.” Daelin leaned against the workbench. “I don’t know exactly what, but she warns of a great evil coming. She’s fighting it over there.” Alone with aliens. Her sister depended on an alien acquaintance to keep her alive. Sense didn’t always matter to Charming. It did do Daelin. She couldn’t trust a man from another universe she had never met with her sister’s life. No way would Charming fight alone much longer.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

M. Pax is author of the space adventure series The Backworlds and the urban fantasy series The Rifters. Fantasy, science fiction, and the weird beckons to her, and she blames Oregon, a source of endless inspiration. She ghost hunts for fun with a group of curiosity seekers, docents at Pine Mountain Observatory in the summers as a star guide, has a cat with a crush on Mr. Spock, and is slightly obsessed with Jane Austen.

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