Saturday, November 14, 2015

Friday the 13th-A Parisian Horror Story-Is there a Knights of Templar Connection?

By now everyone has seen the horrors that happened yesterday on Friday the thirteenth in Paris.  No one has been talking about the significance of the date.  Could there be some symbolism going on?  The terrorists like to tie there executions in with numerology and history.  So what happened on Friday the 13th in France?

Knights of Templar
In 1307 the French king ordered the arrest of Jaques de Molay and other Knights of Templar.  After months of torture, many broke down and confessed to trumped up charges.  Jaques de Molay refused to confess.  He cursed the pope and the king up until his death when he and the captured Knights burned on a stake.  One month later the pope died.  By the year's end the king died in a hunting accident.
Even though this event took place in October, the 13th didn't fall on a Friday last month.  Was November 13th, Friday, chosen for this reason?  The Templars were accused of denouncing God, homosexuality, and worshipping idols.  Hmm, this sounds like some of our ideals of today.  The Knights were also blamed for several financial claims as well.  Does ISIS hate the way we set up our economy?  Aren't our western ideals of today one of the many reasons that ISIS hates us so much?  
The Knights' supposed lack of morality was just a cover story.  Both the king and the pope wanted a legal way to take their money.  One month after the arrest, Pope Clement then issued a papal bull to seize all of their assets.  Could this war on the West be an attempt to take over the wealth and natural resources?   The Knights of Templar were known for their wealth.  They made a fortune guarding the pilgrim routes to Jeruselem.  Rumors claimed they found King Soloman's treasures as well.

Am I on to something or am I barking up the wrong tree?  My thoughts and prayers are with the French people.


Michael Tosto said...

wow< with all the terrorism the new world order play book is taking shape, Just like Dina Rae wrote in her book " The Last Degree"
witch is my favorite book !

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