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Southwestern Politics and New World Order

One of my favorite books of all time is Dina Rae's The Last Degree.  Back in 2012 when the book came out she wrote about a fictional Americo or Mexico and America combined into one country.  This made sense to me on why our elected officials allow open borders and encourage illegals to enter the country.  Now I wonder if the book was fiction or prophecy.
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The Trump/illegal debate along with the beautiful woman who was gunned down in San Francisco resparked an anti-illegal immigrant movement in the United States.  The majority of Americans want some kind of system that keeps track of who enters the country.  They also want a secure border.  The free handouts provided by the government through taxes also causes resentment. The government defends the illegals by reminding us all that we (with exception to Native Americans) were once illegal and we all need to stop being racist.  All of this doesn't hold a lot of water.  So why does the government want them here?  Some say that Democrats want them for votes and some say that Republicans want them for cheap labor.  I say that it is nothing more than a smoke screen to what is really going on.
United States and Mexico seem to be in embroiled in some kind of merger which contributes to New World Order conspiracy.  Let me connect all of the dots.
1.) La Reconquista (Mexico): This is an academic theory that believes Mexico unjustly lost the Mexican American War and has legitimate claims on the American Southwest.  Mexicans as high as former President Vicente Fox have touted this idea and encourage Mexicans within America not to assimilate and hang onto their Mexican/Spanish culture.  Professor Charles Truxillo of the University of New Mexico believes the Southwest should be a sovereign country called Republica Del Norte which would encompass northern Mexico, Arizona, New Mexico, California, and Texas.  Another group, MECha or Chicano Student Movement of Aztlan (fake name for Aztec Mexico), has had many Latin American members such as Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.
2.) La Raza (the race): This is perhaps the most successful and largest group pertaining to illegals.  They have been on the news several times in protest to any U.S. law pertaining to immigration.  They demand open borders, amnesty, and full blown Reconquista.  They are anti-American yet have no problems with taking the American dollar.  Let me clarify-the American TAX dollar.  How stupid are we?  Our hard working tax dollars are going for a group who wants to take away our land!!!
So how much money does our government give La Raza?  They've been giving the group money for several years.  The Obama administration keeps jacking up the contributions.  La Raza, a public charity, was conservatively worth $200,000,000 back in 2013.  Bill  Gates, George Soros, Kellogg's, Carnegie Corp., GM, Pepsico, Ford, and Verizon are just some of the group's regular multi-million dollar contributors.  Note that these companies and individuals are public globalists.
Then there is the Munoz connection-Cecilia Munoz who used to be La Raza's vice president is now Obama's domestic policy director.  BTW-She also used to be on the board of George Soro's Open Society Institute.  
In 2009 La Raza received $11,000,000 in tax dollars, a 300% increase from the following year.  In 2010 the group received a piece-meal sum from various sects of government that tallied up to $18.3 million.  In 2012 a Los Angeles La Raza spin-off group received $30 million from the Obama administration.  They have a ten year deal that sings to the tune of 500,000,000!!!!!  And that's just L.A.!  
Rumors continue to circle on how money funneled to La Raza was extorted from Citigroup and Bank of America by Obama and Holder.  Please don't think I am Democrat bashing.  Republicans dating back to George W. have also been in bed with La Raza.  Congress holds the purse strings, so it's a mutual scam.
Jade Helm Exercises

3. Connection to New World Order: So why is it so important to get the illegals here?  We know ICE has their hands tied.  Why is the government funding anti-American groups who want to take our southwestern states?  Again, I can only think of one reason.  In the very near future borders will NOT matter.  On a side note-Jade Helm is almost here.  Dina has blogged away on this subject.  To summarize, Jade Helm is a military exercise scheduled to go off this July in several Southwestern states.  Many believe it's a dress rehearsal for martial law.  Southwestern states...., La Reconquista....., government encouraging anti-American sentiment....., illegals invited to come here......  Am I crazy or could I be right?  Leave a comment!  Thanks for having me, Dina.
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Ronda Tutt said...

You are right on point. I love Dina Rae's books and when I read them it was scary because I could realize how close to our own country was leading in the direction that Dina for tells in her book. It's like she has for scene the future.

With all the political crap going on the only thing I see is a war coming between its own people due to the NWO trying to control everything and everyone.

I see it coming on Election Day actually. Either way whether Donald Trump gets elected or not there will be some kind of up rise. We would be better off with Trump and have a better chance at protecting ourselves quicker.

However if one of those far right idiots get elected we will be sold to the highest bidder because I don't care what people say - Christian have been known to back slide one day and then ask for forgiveness after their wrong deed - not trust worthy.

However if a democrat gets elected you can kiss your butt good by because there won't be any rights and all hell will break loose. I can actually see that TV show REVOLUTION happening - LOL

Anyway Dina Rae's book is right on point and your statements are even clearer to what will come.

Definitely sharing

SGT Ronda Tutt
100% Disabled U.S. Army Veteran

Dina Rae said...

Thanks, Ronda! I know where you stand-on the side of common sense!

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