Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Are We the Next Greece? New World Order Begins

Greece has been in the news this week as a country on the verge of bankruptcy.  Many feel that Greece deserves their financial woes due to irresponsible social programs and unsustainable pension plans.  Sound familiar, Americans?  Greeks made themselves the perfect victims to set off New World Order.
How much does Greece owe?  278-315 billion Euros or 307-348.1 billion US dollars as of today (as interest grows, so does debt). 
FYI: 1 Euro is $1.10 US dollar.  

Who does Greece need to pay back?  (These figures slightly differ on various websites.  They are approximations)
Private Investors (48.8 billion Euros)
Foreign Banks (2.4 billion Euros)
Eurozone (34 billion Euros)
Germany (57.23 billion Euros)
France (About 43 billion Euros)
Italy (37.76 billion Euros)
Spain (25.1 billion Euros)
European Central Bank (20 billion Euros) ***Controlled by Rothschild Family-more to follow
IMF (32 billion Euros)
Bank of Greece and other Greek Banks (15.3 billion Euros)
Miscellaneous (10.5 billions)

What happens to Greece if they don't make their loan payments?
Well, so far assets such as banks are frozen.  Many banks are closed and the ones that remain open only allow bank customers to withdraw 60 Euro a day.  Eventually the bank will run out of money and bank customers who couldn't get their savings out in time will be out of luck.  
Greece would have to withdraw from the European Union.
If Greece is forced to print her own money, then major inflation would occur because there is nothing left to back up the paper.
Government will not pay employees their wages or retirees their pensions.

What else would happen?
Crime, riots.
Major civil unrest and an eventual takeover by a potential threat to Europe.  They have a ton of illegals from the Middle East.
Recession across Europe that could ripple to U.S.

Has Greece been in trouble before?  
Cyprus banks confiscated their rich customers' money back in 2013.  Many Greeks were unsympathetic because the banks were used by tax-cheats and money launderers. Whether intentional or convenient, the confiscation of other people's money turned out to be a successful and easy experiment.  Two years later an entire country and her banks are being confiscated.   

So who is next?
Here are a few countries who might be following Greece's lead.

Spain-146 billion in Euros
United Kingdom-4.8 trillion in Euros
India-172 billion in U.S. dollars
Brazil-476 billion in U.S. dollars

State of California-617 billion in US dollars
State of New York-300 billion in US dollars
State of Texas-287 billion in US dollars
State of New Jersey-282 billion in US dollars
State of Illinois-271 billion US dollars
U.S. has a total of 18.2 trillion US dollars in debt.  Dang!  Greece looks like a fiscal genius next to America!

This could be the dress rehearsal to our own funeral.  Economics could be the way in which New World Order is achieved.
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