Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Review: TVLand's Younger

I watched two episodes of TVLand's new show Younger.  My mother recommended the show and she is usually in sync with my tastes.  I was apprehensive at first, stalling to watch the show On-Demand.  Sitcoms are not a favorite of mine.  But my mother's pitch was too good-A forty-year old housewife (Liza) gets dumped and winds up broke without a home.  She can't get a job because of her age.  Her best friend suggests that she lie.  She undergoes a youthful transformation (without surgery or botox) and lands another job interview.  Her new look and new set of fake i.d.s. gets her hired by a major publishing company.  She begins a new life.

My Review:
I really like Sutton Foster.  She starred in Bunheads a few years back and has a gift for comedy.  Hillary Duff and the whole cast are also likable characters with good timing.  The first two episodes set up the main character's (Liza's) new life.  Her hair, clothes, makeup, comments, and even taste in men are younger.  The goal is to get financially get back on her feet, but the idea of reliving her twenties adds to the fun.  I wouldn't mind reliving my twenties inside of a forty year old mind.

The jokes have a Sex and the City ring to them.  For example, Liza is in the locker room with the girls.  They see her naked and unwaxed and she has to explain why.  There are several one-liners dealing with sex, aging, and young vs. old cliches.  Unlike Sex and the City, Younger has more of a down-and-out feel to it instead of constant glamour and fashion.  As a writer, I loved the job setting of a major publisher.  Great comedy, great fantasy.  So far, so good.  I'll keep watching for some more laughs.  5/5 stars

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