Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Conspiracy Theory: Underground Ozark Tunnels, Jade Helm, and Walmart?

Frank Fontaine, a regular contributor to my blog, urged me to write about the possible connection between the underground tunnels built beneath the Ozark Mountains in Missouri, Jade Helm military exercise, and Walmart lay-offs.  
The Back Stories:
Ozark Mountains-According to New World Order conspiracy theorists, thousands of miles of tunnels and underground cities are built underneath the Ozark Mountains.  The purpose of this massive construction project is to provide a hiding place for those in the inner circle once the SHTF (that's shit hits the fan in Prepper lingo). There are definitely tunnels, but many are blocked off with security measures.  Some believe Homeland, FEMA, and CIA are funding this project or we, the taxpayers, are funding this project for a select group's safety during the apocalypse.
From Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory Show
Jade Helm: I wrote about this a couple of weeks ago.  It's the military exercise scheduled in seven states during this summer that has many citizens up in arms.  The exercise is supposed to give soldiers a realistic setting for enacting martial law, but many believe it's a practice run for our own demise.
So what does Walmart have to do with any of it?  Walmart is abruptly closing five stores for six months, laying off thousands of people.  They supposedly have plumbing problems.  Many question the timing along with the lack of plumbing permits.  Experts say their problem typically takes a maximum of two months, but Walmart has given 2200 employees a 2 month severance package in spite of their six month closing.  Again, experts say that even the worst case scenario such as replacing an entire sewage line would not take six months.  And the connection?  The stores are located by designated areas for Jade Helm.  Conspiracy theorists have several ideas as to why Walmart is brought into "the know" of the martial law exercise.  Some believe the supercenter could act as a makeshift prison, equipped with food, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and much more.  There are pictures on the Internet that show windows blacked out by tarps or boards.  Others believe the Walmarts are being remodeled with special entrances to the underground tunnels which are headquartered in the Ozarks.  Walmart could serve as a military processing center during wartime.  Something smells bad and it's not the plumbing at Walmart.  Leave a comment!

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Brad Raiche said...

You refuted nothing except your own straw man argument.

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