Sunday, March 29, 2015

New World Order: Conspiracy or Reality?

I watch the news all of the time-preferably world news on cable/satellite channels and I don't side with any political organizations.  There was a blurb last week on one channel (can't remember) that mentioned military drills taking place in several designated cities in the Southwest.  Immediately, I thought this is a practice run for martial law.  
My virtual good friend, Mr. Frank Fontaine, wasted no time emailing me some information on the strange military drills.  These drills will supposedly take place in seven southwest states (Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Texas, California, and Nevada).  The military units who will be involved in this drill named Jade Helm are of the most elite branches of the armed forces such as the Green Berets and Navy Seals.  Some officers will be in disguise, dressed as civilians.

This special military training will take place in July and run for about eight weeks.  The reasoning behind the "training" is to give the American soldiers the experience when faced with hostile territories with Texas considered the most "hostile" of the Southest states.  The military claims this is all part of covert warfare tactics and martial law that might be useful when in combat with other countries.
Many fear that this is a rehearsal for a takeover.  Americans rights have been chipped away for years, especially when talking about the 2nd Amendment or the right to bear arms amendment.  Many question the current administration's anti-gun stance, believing it serves as more of an excuse to get rid of gun ownership, allowing for a smoother takeover.

A few months ago in December there was another "training" going on with helicopters.  Again, the news did a poor job in investigating the story.  Black helicopters flew low over Dallas when supposedly conducting a preparedness drill.  The helicopters flew at night without their lights, causing fear among northern Texas residents.
Frank Fontaine, my conspiracy pal, and I both wonder if these drills are just practice for the beginning of the End.  I welcome comments, theories, other stories, whatever in regards to a takeover.  Please leave a comment!

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Michael Tosto said...

so true we need to protect our 2Ed amendment rights!

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