Wednesday, March 11, 2015

TV Review: USA's New Show Dig

USA's new show Dig aired March 5.  The show has three separate story lines.  The first story is about a cop/FBI/Homeland or some kind of law enforcement official (Jason Isaacs) who works in Jerusalem.  At this point of the story the audience does not know why he is stationed there. His boss and occasional girlfriend, played by Anne Heche, also works in Jerusalem alongside the Israeli police on international cases.  The first case Isaacs is involved in is about an antique dealer who is questioned for murder.  While Isaacs chases him down, he meets a red-head who reminds him of someone from his past.  She lures him to her "dig" or archaeologist site.  It seems as if she is seducing him, but clearly wants something more.  She slides something into his pocket after their romantic swim deep underground the Wailing Wall of Jerusalem is interrupted by Orthodox Jews.  She winds up dead.  By the way, the antique dealer gets away, but the Israeli police have his ancient metal piece that Jews wore back in Moses's time when talking to God in a temple.

The second story line involves a boy who turns thirteen who lives in a compound somewhere in New Mexico.  He is raised for some messianic reason by a reverend and his staff.  The boy runs away and is then shot dead by the people who raised him in the compound.  An identical twin replaces the boy instantly.
The third story line takes place in Norway.  Orthodox or Hassidic Jews (I'm not sure) have a red cow born on their farm.  They consider it a sign.  One of the Jews is responsible for caring for the cow.  I think this was the same group that interrupted the cop and the redhead archaeologist underneath the Wailing Wall.  I also think the redhead symbolizes the red heifer,  not in purity, but in prophecy of the End.
My Review: I was hooked from the first second of the show.  I Googled the red heifer/cow prophecy.  According to Numbers, the red heifer represented purification from sin.  The blood was sprinkled at the door of the tabernacle.  This foreshadowed the blood of Christ.  In Ezekiel 41-45 another prophecy foretold of a temple built again in Jerusalem.  Jesus then prophesied about the temple's destruction.  The bottom line is this: the red heifer (a genetic rarity) born in today's world must symbolizes another Jewish temple that will be rebuilt.
Based on this story line, I predict this series is about End of Days.  The thirteen year old boy also represents some kind of purity, or something like Jesus.  The dead archaeologist knew what was to come, leaving the cop to figure it out.

Biblical prophecy plus conspiracy equals fascination for me.  Loved everything about this show.  The acting was superb, the writing was believable, and the directing kept me on the edge of my seat for an hour.  Other specials about the End of Days are being aired more and more on channels like the History Channel and Discovery.  Another Jesus movie is coming out to continue where The Bible left off.  Left Behind was remade.  HBO even has us wondering with The Leftovers.  Instinctively, there is a feeling in the air that the End is upon us.  5/5 Stars.
What do you think?  Is the End around the corner?  Leave a comment.


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