Saturday, February 28, 2015

Technology, Big Brother, and End of Days

One of my followers, Frank Fontaine, inspired this post.  He likes to send me articles that have to do with Big Brother, conspiracy, and The End of the World.  Although the flow of this article is a little bit choppy, it shows a continuation of New World Order conspiracy theory.  Thanks, Frank!  Leave a message.  Love to hear your thoughts and views.

1) Johnny Walker Scotch: Alyssa Bereznak of Yahoo Tech News wrote a piece about this new kind of interactive alcohol.  The bottle can text you recipes that involve itself as the main ingredient.  A gadget called thinfilm is fastened onto the bottle and has the ability to communicate with a smartphone.  The thinfilm also knows when the bottle's seal has been broken or is still new and then adjusts the texts accordingly.  The thinfilm can follow you, getting you to buy more things via social media.  A push alert can be sent when bottle is empty.  The author mentioned drones that track cell signals, but I'm pretty much lost on what that is about.  It doesn't sound like it honors the right to privacy.  This new kind of booze comes out later this year.

2) Government Taking Over Internet:  Breitbart laid out the takeover/neutrality plan two days ago.  In the nut shell, ATT, Comcast, Verizon, and other providers must act in your interest when providing you with a connection to the Internet.  What does this mean?  Were we not getting the Internet in our interest before the government rescued us from our provider?
The goal or narrative is meant to stop providers from slowing down the web or creating fast lanes on the Internet.  Supposedly, this targets certain companies from joining up in order to stream in movies/videos quicker than another company who is not part of a deal.  Cynics believe this is a money grab for new taxes and fees.  Bigger cynics believe this is the pathway to censorship and monitoring Internet users.  George Orwell was proven right AGAIN!

3) Samsung Smart TV: It has voice activation, but also records your voice.  The data is then supposedly transmitted to a third party.  BTW-some worry about SIRI, the voice command on IPhone, which has the same features as the smart TV.
4) Implants/Microchips: This is a subject that scares me to death-it's a warning written thousands of years ago in the book of Revelation.  According to the Bible, this marks the Tribulation or the time period that happens just before The End.  These implants resemble the famous "mark of the beast."  What once was thought of as part of a story line in apocalyptic fiction has become reality.  A Swedish company replaced company keys with microchips embedded into their employees's hands.  The microchips work as IDs, open doors, open elevators, and allow use of the copiers.
What new inventions are you worried about?

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