Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Movie Review: Sicario 2 Day of the Soldado

Sicario 2, starring Josh Brolin and Benito Del Torres, is a dark tale about illegal trafficking, Mexican drug cartels, and U.S. involvement.  The story begins with a bang-terrorists attack a grocery store in Kansas.  One of the story's heroes, Josh Brolin, tracks down the terrorist who entered via Mexico.  He quickly figures out a Middle Eastern shipping thief helped get the suicide bomber into America.  Brolin doesn't torture him or even waterboard him, he just shows him live footage on a computer screen of his home.  With one phone call, Brolin has his troops blow the place up.  Of course, the man begins to talk.  We learn that Brolin is man who gets the job done.  
Secretary of State calls Brolin in for a new assignment.  He is asked to start a war among the drug cartels in hopes of getting them to fight each other and stop trafficking people into the U.S.  Brolin recruits Del Torres into his unit.  They begin by killing a cartel lawyer and then kidnap a cartel teenage girl in hopes of one cartel blaming the other.  The plan soon backfires and everything goes to hell.  Without spoiling the story, the ending leaves an opening for another movie.

My Review:
Loved it from start to finish.  Del Torres and Brolin are even more handsome than I last remember.  The military's technology mixed with the action scenes kept me glued to my seat.  I thought of Homeland and Narcos rolled up in one great movie.  Besides the incredible action sequences, the story was simple, but newsworthy regarding the happenings at the U.S.-Mexico border.  The movie doesn't preach one political side or another.  Instead, it fairly shows both the desperation as well as greedy profiteering that keeps people from other parts of the world illegally entering America.  Both governments have always closed their eyes to the situation, and, as mentioned in the movie, will continue looking the other way.  Look forward to the next one!  5/5 Stars

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