Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Movie Review: Red Sparrow

Red Sparrow, Jennifer Lawrence's new flick, is about a ballet-dancer-turned-spy.  Her uncle, a high ranking KGB type, exploits her after her dancing career is finished.  She is first asked to steal a billionaire's phone.  The task sounds easy, but turns out to be a nightmare.  She lures the man into her hotel room, ends up getting raped (and you see pretty much of it), beaten, and then watches him get strangled by another Russian spy who sneaks into the room.  The KGB (or whatever it was called) tells her that she can end up in sparrow school or die.  She chooses the former.  This school trains men and women how to manipulate with sex.  It's basically a whore school.  Again, she almost gets raped and then has to offer herself up naked in front of the class to her rapist.  The story gets more complex and she falls in love with an American.  No spoilers, but let's just say she prevails at the end of the story.

My Review: The story was very interesting and entertaining.  I was a little surprised about the rape scenes, sexual exploitation, and torture.  The director and actors did not hold anything back.  Lawrence was perfect as a beautiful, sad, and angry spy.  Jeremy Irons played a general and he is still sexier than ever.  I really liked the actor who played her uncle.  He looked like a younger Vladimir Putin.  This movie had an adult theme-definitely not for kids.  Spy-intrigue lovers will like this one.  4/5 Stars.

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