Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Facebook is Compiling a Profile on You

I am a conspiracy expert and author.  Yes, paranoia is my middle name, but today the news validated my suspicions once again.  As always suspected, it has been confirmed that Facebook is profiling you by the quizzes it gives out for "fun".  Usually the quiz or survey is about you or your knowledge.  Which movie star are you most like, How well do you know the Constitution, Name the last concert you've been to, Who is the perfect presidential candidate, and What's your IQ are just some of the many examples Facebook puts out there to build on your personality.  They do it for businesses, political analysts, banks, and who knows what else.  Computer algorithms fill in the blanks as you answer how you like celebrities, music, clothes, history, politics, and more.  Those who take these quizzes are giving others access to your personal information-Facebook Terms of Use.  And it's all legal (for now).  Data collection has become a very lucrative business and you are the product.  Beware, my friends!
Other predictions of businesses who are also collecting your personal data:
DNA companies
Smart TVs and phones
All GPS systems
Free Internet credit checks
Disney's fingerprint security
Stoplight cameras

Can you think of anymore?  Please leave a comment.

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