Thursday, October 5, 2017

Movie Review: It

The movie It is a remake of Stephen's King famous novel.  The novel was made into a made-for-TV series almost three decades ago.  The late John Ritter held a big part in the film.  I loved the book and the TV series, which is why I went to see the updated version.  Last year some people were dressing like clowns and walking around various U.S. cities.  I wondered if the remake cashed in on last year's clown terror.

Like the book, the story begins with the main character's little brother, Georgie, going out in the rain and sailing a paper boat.  The boat falls into the sewer.  Georgie follows the paper boat as it falls down the curb-side drain and meets "It".  He disappears immediately afterwards.  Georgie is not the only missing child in Derry.  Georgie's brother and his gang of friends courageously try to find him as well as the other missing children.
The story is basically the same as the book and TV special, but there are some great changes that make the story even better.  The movie people added some characters-a girl who was molested by her father and a black boy who was home-schooled.  One of the bullies joins forces with It.  The time period remains the same, late '70s/early '80s, but has a new ending-goodbye spider!  
My Review: Overall, the story was much more scary and the characters were much more interesting.  I loved everything about the new version, including how they left off with Chapter One.  It made me wonder if Chapter Two would be a fast-forwarded version of the kids grown up with kids of their own and Derry once again being overtaken by It.  One of the boys, Richie, was extremely entertaining.  The writers gave him all of the hilarious one-liners which worked well throughout the horror scenes.  Great acting, special effects, and suspense!  5/5 Stars!

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