Monday, August 21, 2017

Afghanistan: Are extraterrestrial vimanas the real reason for U.S. involvement?

The opening of the time well.
Trump plans on sending another four thousands troops into Afghanistan.  He, as other leaders before him, claims that the country is a regional problem within the Middle East that requires U.S. attention.  The Taliban basically holds the country hostage and is a threat. Maybe U.S. intervention is needed, or maybe there is much more going on.
Years ago I blogged about a vimana that was rumored to have been found inside of an Afghani cave. Eight U.S. soldiers disappeared while trying to extract the vimana out of a 'time well' deep within a cave.  The extraterrestrial machine was more than five thousand years old and made from metal not found on the planet. Heads of states such as Putin, Merkel, Obama, and Cameron stopped by the site for a visit.
What exactly is a vimana?  Vimanas are mentioned within the Indian Mahabharata.  They are described as being twelve cubits in circumference with four wheels.  Vimanas have deadly laser capabilities and a protective energy force.  Vimanas become highly dangerous and even deadly when someone tries to remove it from the cave.  Ancients texts and artwork depict the gods using vimanas for air battles and transportation.  Some believe the vimana that sits inside of the Afghani cave once belonged to Zoroaster, the founder of Zoroastrianism.  What do you think?
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Ronda Tutt said...

Oh how fascinating, wouldn't that be surprising if there was a spaceship or Alien bust out over there. I believe there are many secrets the government is keeping from us. Last summer my nephew was deployed to Egypt for 6 months to guard some cave and important artifacts for our government. My nephew wouldn't tell me what because he was debriefed and is not allowed to discuss his deployment. I find it interesting that his unit was deployed in a non war zone. Question is what are they hiding? You may be on to something with our government having excuses to send troops. I look forward to your next book The Sequel. Who knows, the truth may reveal itself someday. We can only hope. Good write up.

Dina Rae said...

Thanks, Ronda! Great comment. Just adds to my suspicions.

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