Saturday, August 26, 2017

Afghanistan Add-On: Why the U.S. is Really There by Frank Fontaine

Trump the citizen and Trump the candidate thought U.S. presence in Afghanistan was stupid.  Obama the candidate also thought it was a waste.  But once both presidents took office, it was all of a sudden so important to send more troops inside of Afghanistan.  Sending troops thousands of miles away keeps us safer.  That's the selling slogan.  It's all bullshit!  Our elected officials are hiding something.  Maybe it's the alien vimana inside of the cave or maybe it's more.  Like Dina Rae, I am not buying what the government is selling.  Her vimana post inspired me to dig deeper.

My findings point to this-Afghanistan is sitting on a trillion dollars worth of minerals.  In 2006 researchers flew over the country which is the size of Texas and conducted a survey.  Afghanistan is loaded with copper, iron ore, aluminum, mercury, lanthanum, cerium, gold, zinc, neodymium, lithium, and silver.  The Afghan government has a billion dollar deal with China for copper.  Afghanistan is also the capitol of opium, hashish and marijuana.  Their natural resources are valued up to five trillion dollars.  
Dina might be onto something with the vimana.  These minerals might be why aliens find the area so attractive.  The trillion dollar question is this-Why doesn't the government just be honest and tell us why we are risking our men's and women's lives to be there?  Comments are always appreciated.
Frank Fontaine

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Michael Tosto said...

wow, I think Frank Fontaine is on to something !

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