Monday, March 27, 2017

New Conspiracy Theory: The Mandela Effect

The Mandela Effect is the new rage among young conspiracy theorists.  The theory states that we live in two parallel universes where things happen slightly different in the one that runs parallel.  This is why we remember things a certain way that never was-at least in this reality.  This "prooves" the idea that there is an alternative universe that is running its course which occasionally implants memories from it's history into our current universe.  Our incorrect memories are not really incorrect.
The name of this conspiracy is from the famous South African, President Nelson Mandela.  He died in 2013, but many people believe he died in prison back in the '80s before becoming president.

Some of the top "false memories" are the following:
1) The Berenstain Bears are always spelled the Berenstein Bears.  Not because we are bad at spelling, but because this little detail is off somewhere in the alternate universe.
2) Fabreze is believed to be spelled Fabreeze.
3) Jif Peanut Butter is falsely called Jiffy Peanut Butter.
4) KitKat is incorrectly hyphenated in Kit-Kat.
5) Sex and the City is commonly called Sex in the City.
6) Billy Graham is still alive, despite many claiming to have seen the funeral on TV.

7) The Monopoly man does not have a monocle, but many believe that he does.
8) Chick-fil-A is not spelled Chic-fil-A.
9) Curious George never had a tail.

10) Oscar Mayer is not spelled Oscar Meyer.
and my fave....
11) In Silence of the Lambs, I distinctly remember Hannibal Lector saying, "Hello,Clarice."  Apparently that never happened.  He just said "Hello."

I wonder if this is related to deja vu?  Leave a comment.  Love to hear your thoughts and views.

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