Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Movie Review: Purpose of a Dog's Life

Purpose of Dog's Life got some bad press when it was initially released.  Critics screamed dog abuse.  Apparently there was a scene in which the dog was not cooperating by jumping in a lake and the director allegedly coerced the dog.  Later on, it came out that there was no abuse what-so-ever during the filming.  Whatever happened, it was a movie made for dog lovers.  I have a hard believing any one was inappropriate.

The basic story line is about a dog who dies and then gets reincarnated into other dog lives throughout the movie.  The first life happens with a boy who has problems, but loves his dog more than anything.  The dog gets to grow-up with him and then dies. His second life is with a policeman.  The dog dies in the line of duty after saving his owner.  His third life is a very happy life with a college girl who marries and has a family.  His fourth and final life in the movie is with an abusive/neglectful couple who chain the dog up in their front yard.  The dog eventually finds his way back to the first owner who is now an old man.
My Review:  Great story, great acting, and great animal acting as well.  I loved everything about this movie, including the box of Kleenex that I burned through during each scene.  The dog is always the star, but manages to draw you into the lives of his owners.  I really liked this.  It only adds to the title-A Dog's Purpose.  For all dog owners, we are the dog's purpose-always were and always will be.  Dogs are not selfish, but selfless.  We are all they care about.  
This is one of those movies that screams SAPPY, but each tear was worth it.  Dogs are worth all of the destruction, aggravation and heartbreak that goes into caring for them.  I highly recommend this for dog lovers who want a good cry.  5/5 Stars.
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Ronda Tutt said...

Great review! I haven't seen this yet but hope to see it soon. I'm a big animal lover and love sappy movies so this will be right up my alley. My dog Sadie is my baby - I couldn't live without her. She will be 10 this May. She is 1/2 Australian shepherd and 1/2 Blue Heelier.

I wish we knew if reincarnation really existed because it'd make me happy to know my dog could bring joy to someone in the next life.

Dina Rae said...

Thanks for sharing, Ronda! I love Aussies and Blue Heeliers. Sadie must be one super-duper smart pooch!

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