Sunday, February 12, 2017

Book Review: When Animals Attack-70 Horror Movies

When Animals Attack is a collection of in-depth essays written about horror movies with animals.  I had seen some of the movies chosen by the book's editor such as Jaws, Anaconda, Arachnophobia, Cujo, Lake Placid, and Snakes on a Plane.  Most of the movies in the book I had not seen.  There was a surge of essays written about sharks that didn't sound too interesting.  I wasn't a fan of Jaws.  The remainder of the movies sound awesome.
Some of the movies that are now on my 'must-see' list include Bryan Schuessler's essay on Pig Hunt.  He compares the movie to Razorback.  It's about a group of young people who go hunting for wild pigs.  It has won several awards.  Another movie that sounds intriguing is David Royce's essay on the movie Willard.  It's about a man who gets pushed around his whole life and then gets his revenge with the help of some rats.  J. Luis Rivera's White Dog is a movie about how dogs are trained to attack African Americans.  This movie sounds both horrifying and thought-provoking about racism in America.  

My Review: I recommend this book to all horror movie lovers.  It was a quick, fun read that makes me want to go to the video rental store.  The writing was great as were the movies that were highlighted.  5/5 Stars.

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