Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Book Review: Hitler in Argentina

This book is about a spy who claims that he transported Martin Bormann to Argentina.  Hitler was also transported to the same region where many Nazis lived out their days.  Supposedly Juan Peron knew all about it and kept his mouth shut for money.  
My Review: The book had many typos and grammar errors in the beginning, but eventually smoothed out into a great read.  I believe Hitler got away because his body was "burned" and then many said it was the body of a woman.  I also heard the dental records didn't match.  Supposedly Eva got away too.  I guess my biggest question is this-why didn't the US go down to Argentina if so many people knew where Hitler was living?  There is a great deal of German influence in parts of Argentina.  I know the US snagged many of Hitler's scientists, but to go along with his escape is very odd.  Did they want a 4th Reich?  Great read for history buffs.  Author loaded it up with pics, maps, witness accounts, and original documents. 5/5 Stars.  I read it as a reference for my sequel to The Best Seller.

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