Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Real American Horror Story: Roanoke Island

American Horror Story is really scaring the heck out of me with their Roanoke Island themed season.  The story line is about a couple (Cuba Gooding and Sara Paulsen) who buy their "dream" house in North Carolina.  The house is dingy, but really cool.  I love the character of unique windows, floating stairs, and arches everywhere.  The house is in the middle of nowhere and has quite a history that comes with it.  Matt (Cuba Gooding) has his sister (Angela Bassett) and niece who stay with them.  The niece makes friends with a ghost and gets lost in the woods.  This of course happens after Shelby (Paulsen) also gets lost in the woods and finds a colony of ghosts.  Scary ghosts and symbols include animal-like children, pigs, old people, nurses, cannibalism and hillbillies.  

My daughter told me the Roanoke Island theme is based on a true story.  I looked it up and she was right.  
John White, the appointed governor of Roanoke Colony leaves to England for more supplies. (Kathy Bates plays his wife and is left in charge per the show)
Everyone disappears (115-116 people) when John White returns in 1590.
The word "Croatoan" was carved into the fence.
The rings of a tree suggest that there was a drought between the years of 1587-1589.
There is no evidence of the group moving somewhere else or dying. 
An Indian tribe took over the area.  The tribe was called Croatoans and some believe the colonists were taken in.
The mystery still remains unsolved.

If you like the paranormal, check out Revenge, Lust and Voodoo.

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