Sunday, October 16, 2016

Movie Review: The Accountant

Last night I saw Ben Affeck's new movie, The Accountant in a Cinemark XD screen.  It was my first encounter with this fancy screening and hope it won't be my last.  The picture and sound made the movie more enjoyable. 

The basic story is about an accountant who sub-contracts himself out to shady money-launderer types in exchange for huge fees.  His newest client is so-called "legit" (John Lithgow) and only wants to see why the books in his tech company don't match up.  As the story progresses, Lithgow has ulterior motives.
Ben Affleck's character was sort of like a modern-day Rain Man. Like Rain Man, he had a form of Autism and like Rain Man, he was brilliant with math.  He had issues with light and sound but managed to overcome it all through weird rituals he performed at night.  He had social problems, but did not have the tantrums associated with many autistic children.  Affleck also had unbelievable shooting and fighting abilities, making him a nerdy, brainy superman.  Without spoiling too much of the movie, he ended up saving the day.
My Review:  This movie had a lot going for it.  I loved the autistic element of Affleck's character.  It was somewhat credible along with being original and fun compared to most of Hollywood's one dimensional type of heroes.  I also loved Affleck's childhood back story.  As a little boy, his mother left him and his younger brother. His abusive father refused to accept his disability, raising Affleck as an aggressor instead of a victim.  His father never treated him like a child with a disorder which in turn gave him a 'ends-justifies-the-means' sense of justice.  Some of things I didn't particularly care for were some of the subplots.  The FBI girl's hunt seemed slapped together.  The hitman character who worked for CEOs also was poorly constructed.  Despite the movie's flaws, it was highly entertaining.  I recommend the movie to those who love action flicks with a decent plot. 4/5 Stars


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