Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Vimanas: Myth or Ancient UFOs?

Ancient Hindu writings are filled with text and drawings of vimanas or, as we call them today, UFOs.  Vimana is a Sanskrit word that means traversing.  Ancient vimanas are described as floating palaces several stories high or an elaborate chariot driven by a god or gods.  Over the past few years, vimanas have made a comeback.  Apparently these vehicles are much more than legend. 
In 2012 eight U.S. soldiers discovered a five thousand year old vimana in a cave in Afghanistan.  The soldiers disappeared.  Some reports claimed that they were caught in a time well (an electro-magnetic radiation-gravity field famously proven by Einstein in the Philadelphia Experiment) after trying to extract the vimana from the cave.  An energy field supposedly protected the ancient vehicle.  The discovery was downplayed in the mainstream media.  Supposedly high ranking world leaders such as Obama, David Cameron, and Angela Merkel flew into Afghanistan to witness the odd artifact.  Rumors circulated that the U.S. and Afghan soldiers who guarded the cave were drugged and then the vimana was stolen.

An interesting tidbit found written inside of the cave's wall named Zoroaster, the founder of the Zoroastrianism, as the vimana's rightful owner.  Little was known about this obscure figure, but Zoroaster was supposedly a magician, and an astrologer and credited with finding several major religions.  He lived around 500-600 B.C.  
If this vimana really does exist, then ancient texts from all over the world need another look by the so-called scholars who have been dismissing ancient legends, myths, and Biblical stories as mere allegories and ways of explaining the world.  Could our history books be wrong?  Leave a comment!
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