Friday, July 1, 2016

Highlights of Roswell Fest 2016

My husband and I are at the Roswell Festival in Roswell, New Mexico.  For those who aren't familiar with the small town that is shrouded in conspiracy, here's the low-down - a spaceship supposedly landed on the outskirts in 1947.  There are several who speculate the government denied the crash, used a weather balloon story to explain the many witness accounts of an object falling out of the sky, and then secretly studied the spacecraft and the aliens found inside.  
My first day at the fest and I couldn't help but get a kick out of all of the alien signs on fast food restaurants, banks, businesses, gas stations, and streets.  Whether you believe the stories or not, this town capitalizes on it all.
My husband's and my first stop of the day was Carlsbad Cavern which is about 100 miles away. Great place to see.  Some call it the 8th Wonder of the world.  He and I took the hard way to tour it and walked 800 feet up from the bottom of the cavern.  The place was the perfect creepy atmosphere to begin our extraterrestrial vacation.
Carlsbad Cavern

Our next stop was Roswell.  We walked up and down Main Street, listened to some great bands, and shopped at the interesting vending stands.  There were alien jumpy things for kids, spaceship water cooling centers, tin foil hat making station, a passport stand that outlined all of the events, and stands full of delicious food.  While making tin foil hats, my husband and I met a man who had a story.  He said his dad was in the Air Force and was part of the team who took the spacecraft to Fort Worth to study.  Many believe the craft and alien bodies eventually made it over to Area 51 for covert research.  
My sweetie, Mike
Later on, we went to the planetarium and saw an excellent laser show featuring Led Zepplin.
Having a blast!  Tomorrow our plans include listening to some adductees' stories, seeing the UFO Museum, hanging out on the strip, and then watching another light show with Pink Floyd music.  
My new book, The Best Seller, has a story line about a UFO crash in Roswell.  It's a true pleasure to see the places you write about.
You can follow the fest on Twitter: RosUFOFest and

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