Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Pope is at it Again: NWO Update

Pope Francis is still following the NWO (New World Order) script while creating more questions about his role in Christian religion. My friend, Ms. Ronda T., brought it to my attention that the pope held a prayer meeting at the Vatican with Muslims and Jews on June 10th.  For the first time in Vatican history, the Koran was read during a service.  This was done in the "name of peace."  He has in the past praised the Koran for being as valid as the Bible.
The Bible says that the anti-Christ will come in the name of peace as will his side-kick, the false prophet.  The pope has set the stage for a unification among the three great religions.  The intended result would of course be a one-world religion.  This hums the tragic ballad of End of Days prophecy.
Pope Francis remains a controversial figure throughout the world.   His biggest world criticisms are climate change and poverty. Socialism seems to be his government of choice.  He is a big supporter of open borders and has even chastised what little control the United States currently has with Mexico, claiming that all should be able to come in.  Ironically news that has to do with religion has little importance to the outspoken pontiff.  For example, the pope hasn't said much if anything about the persecuted Christians and Jews in the Middle East.  Reminder-this pope got the job after Pope Benedict mysteriously resigned.
Before Pope Francis was even the Pope, many were suspicious of him because of an ancient prophecy.  Malachy, a 12th century Irish bishop who was later declared St. Malachy, predicted Peter the Roman would be the last pope before The End of the World.  Pope Francis's father was Peter of Pietro and was from Italy before the family moved to Argentina.  
For the last 900 years Malachy batted a thousand in terms of pope predictions.  He had a vision on his way to Rome that enabled him to name every pope, 112 total, who would rule until Pope #113 also known as the last pope before The End.

Is this pope the last pope?  Will he incorporate other religions into Catholicism?  Does he fit the profile of the false prophet?  
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Ronda Tutt said...

I love this! Thank you for bringing this into a clearer and more understandable view.

I'm a sinner / back slider in the Christian world but I saw this. For some reason I guess some of the sermons my grandfather preached on the end of times stuck with me - maybe due to all the prayers I've received for saving my soul.

One thing for sure is its scary to think that this prediction or vision in Revelations is coming. Scares me enough to want to walk down to the alter and ask God for forgiveness and to take me to Heaven before hand.

One thing fore sure, I don't want to see any of my love ones be tortured or burn internally because they followed this false Pope / Saint or even worse a false God such as Muslim.

This pope seriously needs to repent if he thinks the Muslim God and the Christian God are the same. He will burn in hell if he thinks that. For the 10 Commandments clearly state Put no other Gods before me!

He makes me sick. I just pray I die before I see this destruction but hopefully I'll get to take out a few bad guys before then with either a weapon of my choice or just simple Christian words.

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