Friday, June 24, 2016

Brexit: U.K. Putting on the Brakes to New World Order

The world now knows that the European Union has lost a member, a rich member.  The U.K. has many reasons for their exit (also known as Brexit), but I sense that nationalism and sovereignty are at the core of the citizens' discontent. 
Those who voted to leave barely won despite being indoctrinated and bullied into how poor and unsafe they would become without the EU's membership.  With the world watching this historical referendum, the Brits gracefully exited stage left.  Bye, bye, Brussels!

So why would any country want to leave the E.U.?  Here are some of the U.K. reasons:
1) U.K. spends 12.9 billion pounds a year for EU membership. The way the E.U. works is much like a socialist dictatorship.  Countries who are "rich" pay more in EU fees than countries who are poor.  Some might even argue that countries who are rich pay for countries who are poor. 

2) Big Brother style of rules-only certain kinds of toasters, vacuum cleaners, and hair dryers in the name of the environment can be used.  Eggs are sold by weight and not by the dozen.  Diabetics cannot drive.  These rules are some of the many examples of governmental harassment.

3) Sex and hate crimes committed by the rising influx of Muslim immigrants are being covered up.  One of the most notorious scandals is the Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal.  Around 1400 children fell victim to rape, sex trafficking, abduction, and torture from a large gang of immigrants between '97-2013.  The scandal was initially concealed in fear of giving more oxygen to growing "racism" against Muslim immigrants.

4) The immigrant problem as a whole is not working out.  Middle Eastern immigrants set up their own communities with their own laws, failing to assimilate with the rest of the U.K.  They come and they take.  With taxes strangling the working class, the immigration policy of the E.U. is unsustainable.  Hmmm, I think I heard this complaint somewhere else....

As some of you already know, in order for the world to be ruled by the elite, a New World Order needs to take place.  Getting rid of borders and cultures is a big part of that.

Obama even campaigned for Cameron, asking/warning Brits to "stay" within the Union in the name of prosperity and security.  He warned Brits that they would "go to the end of the queue" in terms of trade dealings.

David Cameron stepped down immediately today after the votes were in.  He has been a long time friend to the New World Order movement in Europe.  Below is one of his famous New World Order statements in a Conservative Party speech (2007):

“The other feature of our modern world, of this new world, is the sense of insecurity and danger, particularly in foreign affairs and security. The world that maybe some people dreamed of at the conference back in Bournemouth when it looked as if maybe history would end, that Liberal democracy would triumph, that free market economics would slowly progress and we would have a new world order, that world is not going to happen."
Is Brexit not just a win for the U.K., but a win for the world?

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