Friday, May 15, 2015

Home Improvement Project: Laundry Room Transformation

Laundry Room/Entrance Makeover!

My husband and I bought a new home one year ago.  Great house, but like most new homes, it lacks character.  He and I are having fun putting in blood and sweat equity.  Our laundry room is really not a laundry room, but a hallway that connects the garage and house.  It's kind of a tight area, but big enough to give it a mudroom custom look called board and batten paneling.  We got the idea from This Old House magazine.
1) Bought 1/4" sheet of wood and cut it into strips
We kept the baseboard on the bottom of the wall, but if you don't have the baseboard, then you would add a strip to frame it out.  The example in the magazine had a boxed area for shoes and boots that also worked as a bench.  Our hallway was too narrow to add that.

Steps 2 and 3: Paint wall, shelf, brackets, and boards bright white.  Add shelf and brackets on top of highest board.

Last steps are painting laundry room and adding decorative hardware!  
Cost of project:
Paint-white paint we had, gray paint $30.
Knobs and Hooks (Hobby Lobby) $20
Sheet of wood $25
Shelf 1X4 $10
4 shelf brackets $25
Decorative baskets and laundry sign $35
Grand Total: $145

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Frank Fountaine said...

Wow your husband is handy

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