Saturday, August 2, 2014

Review of Chariots of the Gods

One of my favorite shows is Ancient Aliens.  Fans, you know Giorgio Tsoukolos, David Childress, Phillip Coppens, George Noory, and Michael Dennin as some of the regulars who solve the great mysteries of the world by pointing to the aliens as the constant culprits of progress.  

Erich von Daniken stands apart from the the rest of the cast as the quintessential granddaddy of alien theory.  I love the show and wanted to read some of the books that go with it. Chariots of the Gods seemed like the logical place to start. On a side note, my mother remembered the book well.  She read it back in the '70s when it was originally published.  Forty years later, I, like my mother, was blown away.

According to Daniken, the gods or 'ancient astronauts' are aliens who wormed their way into Greek and Roman mythology, Sanskrit writings, the Bible, Torah, Koran, Mayan Calendar, Aztec rituals, Easter Island statues, Egyptian culture, and much more.  He takes the reader all over the world, pointing out various structures, carvings, markings, artifacts, legends, and writings that question Evolution, Creation, and technology.  His arguments are compelling. For example, there is a book in the Bible that describes a flying machine seen by the prophet Ezekiel. Over in India, there are writings that describe vimana or flying machines.  Obviously, the point he argues throughout the book is this: maybe the stories were real and the ancients did their best to draw/record them in the language and symbolism of the era.
Daniken at work.
Daniken uses math to dispel the notion that humans built the great Pyramids, ancient temples, ruins in Peru, and more. I agree with him that the roller method never made any sense.  Daniken goes as far to theorize that these buildings were built by the gods and for the gods as a possible place to worship.  Bits and pieces of his book have been turned into episodes of Ancient Aliens.
Chariots of the Gods is a plausible theory of human existence.  If schools have to teach Evolution, then they should also have to teach ancient astronaut theory.  Daniken is not much of a writer. His research is at times incoherent, almost babble, making it difficult for the reader to follow.  However, what he lacks in narration, he more than makes up for in research.  
Erich is WAY more INTERESTING!

Erich von Daniken should REPLACE the old guy in the Dos Esquix beer commercials.  He's seen it, been there, done it, and is the ultimate go-to in philosophy, history, and astronomy.  Have to give him the full 5 stars for exceptional and original thinking. 

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