Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Jacqueline Druga Stops by with a New Book and New Radio Show

Thank you so much, Jackie, for being my guest!  So excited to have you. 
Thank you, so nice to be here!

Nana Apocalypse: the radio show from Prepper Broadcasting. Where did the show's name come from?

I have always been infatuated with ‘end times’ scenarios. And the ‘Nana’ part is because I am a young grandmother. Already schooling the little ones.

Do you consider yourself a prepper?  For how long have you been prepared?
Somewhat. I am prepared and always have food and water on hand. I moved out of the city as the biggest means of prepping. I live in an area where farms are plentiful and there is well water. When I lived in the city I had the basement ready. But here, my first floor is semi underground and I am very remote and hidden.

What's in your bug-out-bag?
3 days’ supply of water and food, that I feel I can stretch out.  Simple first aid, light sticks, flashlight, tool kit, blanket. Other little things … and airplane bottles of Jack.

How realistic are shows like Doomsday Prepper?
I think, if the doomsday circumstances are right, then these folks have it together. But the whole factor in surviving is life goes on. We need to rebuild humanity and civilization.  It seems to me to be very realistic but, I feel that most of these folks wouldn’t help out others which would be a disservice to rebuilding humanity.

How long have you been doing radio?
I was a ‘live’ DJ for 12 years and this is my first run at radio. I know, embarrassing.

What kinds of discussions can listeners expect from your radio talk show?
Oh, gosh, all kinds. From doomsday to odd things. Anything that causes or can cause a disruption in civilization. Although, to keep things fresh, I will deviate.

What topics are you most interested in for broadcast?
I’m most natural talking about Nuclear War, germs, and The Book of Revelation. But I have to expand my horizon.

Besides your show (which is excellent!), who do you listen to?
I love listening to old music and I also tune into Prepper Chicks on Tuesdays and one of my guests, G. Michael Hopf, started a new show, I’ll have to check that out as well.

Jackie the Writer

Much of your writing revolves around apocalyptic situations.  Do you feel the end is near?
I did for a while, I really did. Now, not so much. Although, I see a lot of symbolism in the Book of Revelation that can apply to today.

Do you do a lot of research for your books?
Tons. I love to research. But I think I over research and then I am stuck with tons of useless information. Maybe not useless, but I won’t be using it. And I won’t force information to my readers.

What/who got you interested in the End?
My mother. She was scared to death that the world was going to end, so much so she was a prepper before preppers were big. But back in the day that was insane, so my dad took her to the doctor and they said she needed to get pregnant. She had me. The my dad would always talk preparedness to me. That drove my interest.

Your best-selling novels got you a spot on the History Channel.  Please share what that experience was like.
Jackie was their expert for a show!
Awesome. They flew me out to LA, put me up in a really nice hotel, I got a driver and a PA (Production Assistant). Being interviewed was easy. I was in front of the green screen. The only thing I didn't like was the amount of makeup they put on me. BUT i did look young and hot LOL.

It was my fifteen minutes of fame, that came one night in December (When the showed aired) and I didn't tell anyone. It was amazing how many people saw it. I think the coolest thing was my son's facebook post, 'Just saw my mom on the history channel. Pretty sweet, not gonna lie.'

Name a news event that might escalate into the end of civilization.
Sanctions on Russia, mixed with the Israel/Gaza situation. The US is a powerful force that is divided on these. And right now our public stance seems to be a little wobbly. These factors can lead to war. The downed plane? Remember World War I.

Are you religious?  Why or why not?
I am. I used to be church every week, but even though I lack in that,  I am very strong to my faith. Religion is a very strong foundation in my writing. Lots to learn from The Bible whether you are religious or not.

Who most influenced your writing?
As far as writers go, Pat Frank (Alas, Babylon and Hw to Survive the H Bomb), but Charlton Heston mainly because I wanted to create heroes in my books like him.

Of all of your titles, which is the most realistic and why?
I’ll Cry Alone. While not my best seller, and often slammed, it is the best look at Nuclear War and how I think the country would handle and rise from it.

Who is your favorite character in your series?
Frank Slagel. Without a doubt, hands down, Frank. I love him. He is in my Beginnings Series (27 books). He is the ultimate hero. He’s funny, too. To me, he is as real as any huband I have had.

Are you like your protagonist in the The Last Woman?
Ha, ha. No. I am more like the character Dodge. Many people seem to think I am like the females in my book. I am not. I am more like one of the male characters or other females.

Would you please share your links and an excerpt?
Absolutely. My website is your best source.
I am on twitter as @gojake
And facebook under ‘Jackie Druga’

Thanks so much!


Dee said...

I need to check out these books now. Really cool interview!

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great interview!

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